CGH Quick pangaea 6 players (a8cd6340)

i think you need to meet a threshold of some diplo relations to vote on certain emergencies. like at least having some envoys in the cs that has been invaded.

I will be voting +5 melee and +100% trade

Sorry @MisterT800, I clicked revert turn thinking it will go to the AI and then back to me, giving more time to find a replacement for old-Aloha AI.

  • but now it makes you do the turn again :frowning:

btw, @CEO_of_Spearfighting will join soon :wink:

This is crazy, I reverted the turn again because @CEO_of_Spearfighting replaced the AI

I have reported the bug:

I reverted my turn

@MisterT800, my intention was not for you to revert your turn.

  • I was sorry because you had to do your turn again because of my revert

But if you already did so, I am asking you all:

Naaah, forget it, that’d be too much hassle. Let it play out, surely the AI didn’t do THAT many stupid things in a single round.

In that case, @HappyCamper, you will now have to do your turn again and then it will be @MisterT800 's turn for the 3rd time :smiley:

Yeah. I figured it would be faster just to revert our turns than to wait for a bug fix. If the sub is ok playing after the 1 turn AI moves, then we should just continue on.


Which version of BBG is this game running? I got local version of 5.1, .2, .3, .4 and the “live” version on Steam, and yet…

edit: nevermind, it’s SOMEHOW working now even though I haven’t changed anything since the previous attempt??

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@Markelix, will you be coming back?