CGH Quick pangaea 6 players (a8cd6340)

I’ve just noticed that this game no longer has BBG.
@mrosack are you able to see if the mod has been removed using admin tools?

LE: I added this in the game support section of the forum

@Stormumriken , please use admin tools → manage mods to add BBG 5.1.8

  • The id of that mod is cb84075d-5007-4207-b662-c35a5f7be254

BB 5.1.8 is the BBG version we started this game with - Steam Workshop::Better Balanced Game 5.1.8


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Is any of you NOT subscribed to the BBG 5.1.8 mod - Steam Workshop::Better Balanced Game 5.1.8 ?

I’m asking because the game has, again, lost the mod.

We are subscribing to BBG 5.1.8.

– Queen of France

As far as I can see, the game has kept the mod. But by mistake, I put in the erroneous comment “BGG 5.1.8”. I am sorry about that.

Now I have redone it with the correct comment.

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Conclusion: the host can play without having the initial gameplay mods

  • and any such mod which the host doesn’t have gets removed.

@Stormumriken thanks for adding it, I see it’s back now.

@Stormumriken , the mod has again disappeared.
Can you please check if there are more than one BBG mods in the list and delete the extra ones, so that there is only one BBG left, the BBG 5.1.8 with id cb84075d-5007-4207-b662-c35a5f7be254 ?

There is one and one only, presumably the one that I reinstalled last time around.

The id and my comment (BBG 5.1.8) have not changed.

What makes you think that the mod has disappeared?

  1. It doesn’t appear in the list of mods, before loading the save
  1. Just an example that the mod is missing, the Pingala governor is vanilla, not BBG


Well, as I wrote, thinks that the current savefile contains “BBG 5.1.8” with the correct id.

It thought so also the previous time before I reinstalled BBG. What I did that time was to reinstall and at the same time correct the comment.

So what can I do to remedy the problem? Once again reinstall BBG?

Such an action might give only you the correct Pingala (and other, probably even more important improvements), so one or more of the other players get the unimproved Pingala.

Perhaps you will win within three turns. Perhaps you are able to do that even with an unimproved Pingala? :slight_smile:

I have written about the strange behaviour of my virus system, and Valamas has suggested that I report it in some support group. This is probably unrelated, but I might make a try, if also you suggest that I do report it.

I will instead reinstall BBG, if you would prefer me to.

Yes, let’s try again @Stormumriken by removing BBG and adding it again.

Then, each of us should check that BBG 5.1.8 is there when loading the save.
@Valamas , @HappyCamper , @MisterT800 , @CEO_of_Spearfighting

Regarding the virus issue, you could open a ticket here: Game Support - Play Your Damn Turn

I have now removed BBG och added it again. Good luck!

As a first step before going to Game Support, I will for a time not use the PYDT client for starting and saving my turn, but instead the webpage equivalents.

I’ve made this great wonder :smiley: 13 cities benefited :smiley:

  • if 2 buildings have equal costs (medieval walls & sewer), it chooses the top one (medieval walls)

secondary sort, era

Guys, I got cultural.
@Valamas, please confirm, as you are the last round player.

Even though I will not play with Heroes again, I enjoyed this match and I learned a lot.
It was one of the first games I’ve joined on PYDT, started on March 18, 2023 → 1 year ago :smiley:


Looks the same on mine. Do we just resign?

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I’m up. I was expecting the win anyway, there’s no way we realistically could out-culture to defend the Tourism at this point of the game. Oh well.

I subbed in and the situation was disastruous so I didn’t expect anything but it was nice to chill with 5 bad cities overflowing with amenities.

Indeed, Heroes are woefully unbalanced and that’s why I usually avoid them (also Secret Societies, honestly all game modes except maybe Monopolies and even that one is unbalanced, though Leugi’s mod rework to monopolies is absolutely excellent).

GG. Not much I could have done after the war with my neighbour to catch you.

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