Always war! 6 seats, FFA, draft, Pangea, BBG 5, 1x turn/day (17280075)

despite my non aggression georgia is coming for poor persia. now is your chance troops

That seems really unneighbourly.

All my neighbours come for me. Sad sad sad. Oh well what can you do.

I have no idea how Persia is doing in this game but I am aware that Georgia is on more cities than the rest of us and doing quite well, I don’t think we should allow them to expand further if we can stop them doing so… As such I would be willing to promise Greece and Mongolia that I will not enter their lands while Georgia has more cities than they do. Hopefully this will allow Georgia’s other neighbours to put some pressure on them and force them to withdraw from Persia.

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i will actually as i already did promise no aggression against anyone.

i took persia to be safe lol.


I was given VERY credible intelligence that Persia is hiding WMDs just inside the fog of war!

And Persia has only ONE NEIGHBOR, after angrily wiping out the Sumerians, and that is poor hapless Georgia, who, despite being surrounded on all sides by warring civs with combat bonuses has to take on police actions on its own for the good of the oppressed Greek and Korean minority living under Persian rule…

but in all seriousness, the rules of the game are “always war”… but we could amend the rules to allow teams if we want to vote on it???

sumaria attacked me
you attacked me
no need for teams

i had 2 neighbors who have both attacked me but that is fair enough.

i was just pointing out how much of your army is over near me.

realistically you have already won

Hi. Just wondering if Korea would welcome a bit of Bully? I’d be happy to send someone round to discuss it :smiley:

I’m not sure what you mean Pete but I don’t like the sound of it lol, no need to send anyone round. :stuck_out_tongue:

All I know is (apart from Persia) Georgia is on 12 cities compared to the rest of us on 7, they currently have more science, culture, gold and faith than anyone else and are likely to increase that lead and it’s concerning me and I can’t do anything to effect them.

Can someone tell me how Persia is doing in comparison? I’m curious, how many cities are they on, how competitive is their culture/science?

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i am on 12 but behind in every way after being war cart rushed early.

i had 2 neighbors who have both attacked me - To be fair, it is an “always war” game, and everyone is at war. Under those circumstances stretches of uneasy standoff peppered with an few occasional minor skirmishes seems like relatively good relationship :smiley:

FWIW Georgia is not planning systematic aggression against Persia. Georgian troops just got trigger happy responding to what was perceived as a forward settle, but they are being pulled back to Georgian territory

realistically you have already won - I would not discount what better spot you are in geographically: you have a lot of space now that Sumeria is out, and only one neighbor - so plenty of opportunity to free sim while the rest of us are in a tense close standoff. For example, I’m pretty sure Georgia is about to get invaded by Gorgo (again) as soon as Greece reaches Facism :greece: , and then maybe have to defend on multiple fronts!

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Forward settle lol. Its on top of a city i raised and behind the same river my capital is on.

On the exact same longditude as my capital.

I do get its always war in fairness but i have not been the aggressor is all i am saying.

I am not really complaining or at least not upset. I just wanted people to know where all your troops were.

Us poor Greeks have been boxed in from the start and forwarded settled by all our nasty neighbors with nowhere left to settle. Won’t somebody think of the children?

Gorgo has no chance.

We have a choice hear everyone.

We stop copper now or we lose.

He will take all my cities or gorgos or both in the next 20 turns.

Thats ok with me and would be a fair result. Not sure we could change it anyway.

If we want to try and stop him not this very turn is the time.

We should talk tactics or at least agree its 4 on 1 and back that up with action.

Now to be fair if copper doesn’t win because we attack it might just be handing me victory.

No reason for that to be more desirable than copper winning.

Make your choices people but do it now.

This is always War!!! Showing any sign of weakness is a dangerous risk and opportunism is the order of the day. Having said that a weak military could just be a trap :wink:

Btw Stefanos, Bully is a kind of ideology…I say, try it…you might like it :slightly_smiling_face:

Ohh it’s your religion lol. Why didn’t you say that? :stuck_out_tongue: While I’m not averse to taking on your beliefs I would prefer not to be scouted, I’m sure you understand…

Also Hello Persia, DoW. :slight_smile:

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Bah… Georgia is BARELY ahead in stats… I’ll be lucky I survives the next border skirmish with Greece or eventual tank rush by free sim Persia… we poor Georgians only know about faith and era score… nothing to worry about over here!

yeah all those free districts and units are a bummer