Always war! 6 seats, FFA, draft, Pangea, BBG 5, 1x turn/day (17280075)

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Ban Kupe

Ban Macedonia.

Ban Babylon.

ban english elanor

Ban Simon Bolivar

ban russia

Indonesia (Gitarja)
Canadian (Wilfrid Laurier)
Mayan (Lady Six Sky)
Sumerian (Gilgamesh)

Portuguese (João III)
Roman (Trajan)
Spanish (Philip II)
Korean (Seondeok)

Malian (Mansa Musa)
Chinese (Qin Shi Huang)
Scythian (Tomyris)
Greek (Gorgo)

Persian (Cyrus)
German (Frederick Barbarossa)
French (Catherine de Medici)
Kongolese (Mvemba a Nzinga)

Mongolian (Genghis Khan)
Ethiopian (Menelik II)
Vietnamese (Bà Triệu)
Phoenician (Dido)

Khmer (Jayavarman VII)
Georgian (Tamar)
French (Eleanor of Aquitaine)
French (Catherine de Medici - Magnificence)







@andrewsmart48 I’m retreating. It will be a long time before I feel confident enough to march back to your territory and attack. If you want to chase me, fine. I’ll be ready. My science output is good and increasing. I’m preparing walls and encampments for you. Why don’t you just keep your units near home for a while? Just because war is declared, it doesn’t mean that we have to war all the time.

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sure i love being griefed anyway

After re-reading the rules for this game and seeing private pins are not allowed I feel obliged to document the interactions I have had with Mongolia, nothing too exciting but nevertheless;

After hunting my scout down and about to kill it I pinned “gg lol.” Pete replied “see you soon.” To which I placed 3 pins saying something like “just coz war, we don’t have to fight, but I will be ready.” He said “good point.”

He recently moved an archer within range of one of mine guarding my borders, I shot it and pinned “let’s not.” He moved back but didn’t reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should go for Greece instead @Pete, they have 4 cites already and are a bigger threat than myself. I have no plans to attempt to push into your territory… Or just sim, war isn’t usually a good idea if it’s expensive. :slight_smile:

Ah right…no Pins…no problem! I think we all need to keep in mind that certain Civs have their bonus units, buildings etc earlier than others hence different approaches to a game where we are all always at war with each other. Anyway @StefanosG you will see I took out the barbarian rather than attack your warrior so perhaps an uneasy ‘peace’ has settled over our two civs. I do however remain wary of a surprise attack…it has happened in other games where there wasn’t a perpetual state of war…you may recall…

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Each game is different, in the game I attacked you; you bought the horse tile from my cap had units on my borders and much stronger early production which scared me into chopping out encampment and walls when I didn’t want to, it turned out I could use my culture pantheon to get to samurai quickly and the general came at the right time too so I used the advantage I had. I usually don’t like to be aggressive.