Always war! 6 seats, FFA, draft, Pangea, BBG 5, 1x turn/day (17280075)

Well it was a nice play. I don’t blame you. Guess we would’ve clashed sooner or later!

“uneasy peace”… wow, sounds nice!!

…puts back on helmet and returns to frantic defending against army of invading hoplites…


How is your defence going @Coppercloud ? If you are in trouble maybe Mongolia would be able to pressure Greece from their East, if it were to prevent them from taking your cities and getting stronger it might be a wise move… I would be willing to make a promise to Mongolia that my units will not move north at all (let’s say unless they take Greece’s capital), if they would be so kind as to allow my scientist free passage to scout. Honestly all I want is to try to get the civic boost for Defensive Tactics… I have met two players so far and declared on both so they have the boost but I don’t and I’m a bit sad about it lol.

Of course Mongolia may have no interest in this idea and might want to stop my scientist, I understand if that is the case, I have not met Georgia so I have no idea how strong they are. It’s not like I’m going to attack if they do decide to prevent my scientist from scouting. :slight_smile:

@StefanosG oh I have no doubt that Mongolia will be visiting Georgia and Greece eventually :smiley:

hey folks! :wave: FYI I just created another game in case you are interested. 4v4 but otherwise similar settings and rules. Just sharing in case you are interested :peace_symbol:

For transparency, I put down some map pins to highlight an area of dispute near the Georgian protectorate of Jerusalem. As per the game rules, they are PUBLIC pins. They aren’t “diplomacy” so much as the manifestation of rising public awareness that a regional conflict is brewing near the borders of 3 great powers :smiley:

I suzerained Wolin, why do I not get their map vision??

Got to be a bug.

pretty sure i am getting map info from my SUz

Yeah I can’t even see all the tiles it owns, just it’s first ring in fog. :confused:

@StefanosG did you suze Wolen just this last turn?

Since I started the game, I have access to a “Revert Turn” button that resets the game to previous turn. Should we try reverting the turn and re-trying?

I’ll maybe place some precautionary markers down to delineate the protected Greek 5-way Orgy zone.

It was the turn before congress, so don’t worry about it. It’s not game breaking just a bit annoying, might have been useful… I’ll try sending another envoy next turn, see if that fixes it. Thanks.