8 Seats, No AI, Fractal, BBG, FFA if meet the rules =) (b3dace1f)

I have never tought of building an army for a ROI, I just did it to bring mutual protection to the allies, and as India’s army went into Brazilian territory for damaging our comrade, the Nubian tribe sailed all the globe around to see what we can get to help our friend, I think that India can come to Tamar’s territory to defend their traders as well as they went to Brazil territory, India’s army has open borders. But our tribe want to respect the kingdom of Georgia, so from now on the tribe of Nubia will leave Georgia’s territory.

Here we have the proposals for this congress.

Guys I’m posting the proposals for our next congress

FYI. I sent the save to CPL to see if the Holy Waters bug is still present, which allows for +20 healing even if outside a city following your religion. If it is still bugged, then this game is busted.

Calcifer and I prefer to CC to Perro in this game. His navy is just too strong. GGWP

GG. I started on a small block of ice big enough for 3 cities. Did the best I could. I will stick it out and let Arabia capture my cities via culture for a while.

GG WP Perro. But I think its up to America (@OtherRealisms ) if he also wants to CC to Perro or not. He has diplo veto.

I saw that. I think it was a technical remap situation if playing by CPL rules.

I’m not conceding. I don’t mind playing against AI if someone wants to quit.

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ok. we play on then

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This has been an interesting game and I learned a lot from it. Thanks to all. I agree that Perro is the favorite to win, but I’d like to take my shot at winning.

That’s the attitude, tbh I think that this game is not won yet for me.
Also I want to add that we have a slot free in this game, if someone has room for one more game pls join, I would like to play against anyone here all are good players. :slightly_smiling_face:

@PerroMalo what about you don’t threaten my allies to become my military ally? :smiley:

What do you mean? I think that at this point Tamar is gonna be with you to the end, and I bet that Tamar is open to form any kind of alliance as she will benefit from this military alliance too.

I don’t mean Tamar. I meant Arabia. as part of your peace deal with him, you forced him to not do military alliance with me. either way, I just realized that because he peaced with you, I didn’t have +5 combat bonus for the past 20 turns. great ally :smiley:

I think that alliances are benefits received from diplomacy, maybe we are too used to have them without knowing where they come from (good relations) and what consequences they have (the friend of my enemy is my enemy), being a warmonger is not an easy life, it is a path with no good relations with the world, did you tell your allies that you were going to attack Brazil? because that war was going to take all together against Brazil and his allies.
At this point I just want to give all your territory to Brazil, I have fought hard so far to get an agreement with Arabia of no more help to you, once you are out of this game and your territories belong to Brazil there is gonna be still a long path to victory, I just want this war to end the fastest possible. So it is better if you don’t have that military alliance bonus, but you can form it with Tamar, is gonna be good for both as both are at war.

First of, I didn’t have any ally nor met anyone else when I declared on Brazil. You guys were also haven’t met Brazil when I declared on him. You just meddled in our war. Didn’t know I should have asked other people’s permission to declare.

Second, my only harm to Brazil was a settler. You should ask America to give Brazil’s city back to him, not me. Also, you attacked 3 players bcuz of that, and you tell me that I am the warmonger.

Finally, lets see how Brazil can bring a unit towards me to take a city. maybe next game he can bring one because as far as I see, he is irrevelant in this game.

You are right at the first point, I remember that they decided to support you on their own (that really surprised me, why did they decide to support a warmonger, it was supposed to be the exactly opposite).
And yes I definitely needed to attack Arabia first because he had a geographical position where he was in front of you (at least for me), and knowing that he was supporting you there was now way to put myself in the middle of you and Arabia, I was going to be attacked by both sides.
Yes, Brazil is having hard times after that war, but I want to thank him for being at this game and not surrendering, somehow we must manage to bring him victorious and take his seat leading the new cities from Brazil, after that, no one will remember that there used to be an empire named India.

All this discussion is a little hard for me, but let just add this:

I have not returned Curitiba because: 1. I was and remain concerned that it would flip due to loyalty; 2. Brazil has not asked me to return it; 3. I don’t think Brazil can properly defend it without my help, so why should I return it?

Stealing a settler is far from being a warmonger. It’s being opportunistic. It was best to befriend India rather than his enemy since I was very vulnerable to attack from two fronts on open terrain. It’s not very hard to understand why I would want to be friends with both India and Arabia.