8 Seats, No AI, Fractal, BBG, FFA if meet the rules =) (b3dace1f)

I’m not talking of stealing a settler, I’m talking about sending an army to pillage, kill units, capture cities, yes, he was unable to capture any city, just because we helped our comrade, but that war damaged severely his nation.
Talking abut being neighbor and the relations with India, things don’t need to be black or white, there is a gray position where you can be neutral, maybe you can have a “no aggression” pact by friendship, but an alliance is not a neutral position, an alliance gives benefits to both, including our already declared enemy.

I agree with all that @OtherRealisms said about Curitiba.

If you would grant Brazil a cultural alliance, there is no concern over it flipping. Then you can keep your units in his land to help protect him. You’ve gained the benefit of the free city for most of the game.

I did take Curitiba, but it got flipped due to loyalty and America took it and didn’t return it to Brazil. After that, you and America killed all my units there and decided to have a 3v1 with me. And you wanted everyone else to stay neutral and let you kill me. seems fair

I was thinking that your neighbors were going to think this way: “well, he attacked Brazil, now they are striking back, he went into that problem by himself, he must go out from that problem by himself”. But thing were more complicated than that, which are totally acceptable, I love this game and love to have freedom of taking any decision, shall be the players who decide how the game is going to evolve, like in real life.

Let it go man. Let it go!! :laughing:

I am new to playing Civ online. I learned a lot from this game; mostly from Calcifer. Next time, I stick with my allies till the end.

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I did give you a boost by gifting you three cities to your south. :slight_smile:

@Tamil_Ronin Were the wars Nubia is having with Georgia (your peaceful ally, not me) part of your peace deal? If not, know who is ally of you here or not, and pick a side :smiley:


Here we have the proposals for this congress.

I vote to CC to Perro. No point in continuing this game.

Yes. America is dead the turn after congress, and no one is against CC afaik

Congratulations to @PerroFlamer and all.

Thanks to all, special thanks to @kapshul for not giving up, and also congratulations to @Calcifer that is always a very competitive player, I can’t imagine how he managed to beat Teddy, you can never say that he is death.


Thanks @PerroMalo for big help!

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Do all the players want to end this game? or do u want to continue playing maybe for practicing, for joy, or for any other reason? I can continue if you want.

I’m dead next turn or 2.