8 Seats, No AI, Fractal, BBG, FFA if meet the rules =) (b3dace1f)

Smack talk goes here for 8 Seats, No AI, Fractal, BBG, FFA if meet the rules =) ! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/b3dace1f-080f-4e11-9103-1be9058b1825

On a fractal map, random civs is bad because someone may get a naval civ and others not. Naval civs to me are Mа̄ori, Norway, Phoenicia, England, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, and maybe Byzantium (Dromon), Babylon, Gran Columbia.

You need to either ban all these or better yet, do a draft.

we can change the map… or make 2 bans each… what do you think is better?

I choose to ban India (Ghandi).

I ban England (Eleanor)

I would change the map.

I can change the map, and I hope that no one has problems changing the map, for at least as long as it is not pagea I can play any map, so what map do you propose?

i join the game, i’m free nowadays so a can do my turns faster, ban mongolia

I am ready to go. I am okay with the proposed bans

Bye bye Australia - Bloody cold today. 11°C

Civ 6 Map generation examples

I ban norway

I’ll ban zululandia

I’ll switch my ban to phoenicia

Is Maori banned?

So far no one has banned maori.

@otherrealisms has told me about his desire to ban Kupe via steam so Kupe is gonna be banned.
As everybody is on board and bans have been done, lets begin, good luck to everyone and fair play. :partying_face:

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the game start without bbs when said that was included, game speed standard there’s no sense,also i forgot to chose the civ and came a so bad radom civ, if everyone agree i’d like to restart the game, it’s only the first turn

Description says BBG. I’m fine with the restart, I was random, so I will be Ethiopia again. So pls give me a chance to select if there is a reset

The Game Master can access Admin Tools tab to Enable Game State Reset.