8 Seats, No AI, Fractal, BBG, FFA if meet the rules =) (b3dace1f)

honestly, you guys can keep warring me. I am not going to win this game anyway. But you warring me only result in you also not winning this game. so keep doing what you do :slight_smile:

you can keep arabia out of our war as his only help to me so far is giving me some gold that I actually sent back in few turns. so I don’t know why he is attacking arabia only cause he is my friend :smiley:

While befriending your ally Georgia. Nubia, your reasoning makes no sense. You better send more Caravels if you plan on taking me down. :sunglasses:

Yeah, you are right. I forgot that Nubia is friend with my other ally Georgia lol

I’m Scotland, not Taco1. But I never expected to last this long anyway so makes no difference to me. I started on a tiny island of ice and tundra so am actually surprised I lasted this long.

Whoops. I wasn’t going to attack you either way. After you told me your starting position, I was going to offer you open border treaty if we became more friendly.

If you would like to join in on the fun and attack Nubia, happy to assist you in getting out of that corner.

That for the offer, but Nubia has been friendly towards me. Currently sailing their very large navy all around my waters and my 3 galleys would soon be in Davy Jones’ Locker.

Friendly people don’t raze cities :laughing:

I assume Nubia came northeast of you, so maybe explore east of you for more land to expand.

North of me is Georgia.

Noo. India is warmonger :smiley:

wtf really @PerroMalo ?!!
Do you really expect me to defend in georgia’s land too and defend my traders so you don’t pillage them?

and thanks to @MisterT800 for giving him open borders so he pillage my traders in your land :confused:

My bad. Not sure what I was thinking there.

I lost a trader a few turns back too. Who’s side are you on @MisterT800?



Well my boneheaded play hurts me too. I just forgot about all the wars going on in this game.

Too many, right?! Nubia should really stop his warmongering ways.

Well, JOMHO here, but - my friend Perro built up a huge navy, and now he’s trying to get some return on his investment.

Also, war is part of the game, as it is part of human history. War is part of the many facets of the game, that makes the game more difficult and more surprising, and thus more interesting. Only “the future” will decide whether Perro is making the right decisions or miscalculated.

I really don’t want you to have a vision of me like I’m some kind of beast moved by his animal impulses because I’m not, I really analysed and expected that India left Brazilian territories after Teddy asked him to do that, but it was India who said, my friend I’m Chandragupta and Chandragupta needs to kill someone it doesn’t matter what, well, ok, things wen’t wrong, I asked him to pay, not to me but to Brazil and he refused, in some maner I’m doing what I can to help my friend come back to the game… that’s all

Not like Nubia is known for being a peaceful civ in this game.

its perfectly fine if you attack me from navy or land and anyone else and I actually enjoy that. and try to defend. and as otherrealisms said it is interesting, and I myself do it and find it really enjoyable.

but its not okay to pillage a trader in another player land in any situation. how the f am I supposed to defend it? its not cool and its not interesting at all to do this.
you are welcome to come pillage my own harbor, my land, my traders in the sea near my own borders but not in someone else’s land. even if u pillage them in arabia land its fine, im okay with that. but by pillaging my trader to georgia, who is your friend!, you are hurting georgia too, as my traders to him have benefit for him too. So, you are hurting your own friend in the game.

and you didn’t pillage it with your navy that you want to get ROI, you pillaged it with a scout in the middle of georgia’s land. now I have less gold for my caravel upgrades and you get that gold to send more navy to me :smiley: very nice