8 Seats, No AI, Fractal, BBG, FFA if meet the rules =) (b3dace1f)

We want to let the world know that the tribe of Nubia formerly joins the war against India to help our friend Pedro defend his nation and prevent that Brazil loses more cities or troops. What we could see is that it was not Brazil who invaded India, but India who invaded Brazil and we came from distant lands to help our comrade.

Yes. I attacked Brazil to take and kill a settler :smiley:
But then he told me this.

So, I didn’t wait for him to come and kill me.
You guys played well. I will lose the troop I have there.

You are right, it was the sum of stupid things that leaded us to this war, a stupid steal, followed by stupid phrase, followed by stupid invation and here we are fighting a stupid war. :neutral_face: we are not proud of joining this war but it is what we needed to do to keep our comrade still standing and leading his nation; because turns passed by and the indian troops stayed occupying Brazilian territory.

What are you guys doing to my buddy over there? India, do you require assistance?

well, I have and had a couple of units there that I am going to lose, and nothing is there to do. I can defend the rest if they want to attack my lands, I think. If you can get civil service ASAP for milli alliance, it would be great.

My friend you are free to support an aggressor, would you? I’m gonna say it again, it was not Brazil who invaded India’s territory but India who stole a settler, invaded, pillaged, killed troops, took a city and surrounded his nation with troops to asphyxiate Brazil. India is right about what Brazil said when India stole his settler “No excuses. You are dead.” but words stayed as words, didn’t become actions. So can those words justify all that India did?, answer yourself and if you want to support India you are free to.

I don’t like unfair fights. 3 vs 1 sounds pretty unfair. He is playing to his Civ’s strength and I don’t hold that against him. You guys are protecting an ally and I don’t hold that against you.

@Calcifer , I’ll consider a military alliance if they invade your sovereign territory.

Otherwise, I am open to trade and peaceful co-existence with all.

@MisterT800 I know you’re keeping your units on the border as a pre-caution, but please don’t add any more or I will see it as a threat.

@DogBoy511 I assume you’re stuck on a small island that’s why you moved on to the continent. I have proposal for you. Let me know if you have Discord.

I don’t have Discord. I saw your trade offer and declined it, it’s pretty steep. Yes, I started on a cold barren island which is why I expanded to the continent.

Well said on Chandragupta. It is a war civ, and I definitely use it and attack one of my neighbour hundred times I play it. I prefer military alliance still for defense purposes. If we do another alliance and someone attack me or you afterwards, it is hard to change afterwards since we need to wait for previous one to finish

The trade wasn’t the proposal. We need a private place away from curious eyes to discuss the actual proposal.

Regarding the trade, happy to entertain counter-offers.

Would a open border treaty with a promise not to settle within 10 tiles or move heavy troops through each other’s territory be possible?

I would like to explore more of the map.

Yes. North of you is Georgia and nowhere for me to settle. and west of you is ocean, again no where to settle.
There is a small island south of me that I may settle but it is more than 10 tiles away from your closest city

@Tamil_Ronin plz send me a message in Discord.

Hello, I’m letting you know the proposals for this congress.

@Tamil_Ronin, the Nubian tribe officially declares the war to the Arabian empire, we can not ignore that the Arabian empire is a formally declared friend of the aggressor of one of our allies, more over, the Arabian empire is arming up and we can not take the risk of allowing them to move their army toward our allies.

You’re logic makes no sense. I am arming up because of your continued aggression towards a friend and alliance with 2 other Civs. I am nowhere near you and don’t even know where you are. But if its war you want, I am happy to oblige.

@Taco1 (Scotland), I assume they’ll be after you next.

Number of war declarations by India and my allies: only 1 India against Brazil.
Number of war declarations by Brazil, Nubia, America: 1) America on India 2) Nubia on India 3) Nubia on Arabia

Now, I am the warmonger here :slight_smile:

Number of cities taken by India from Brazil: 0
Number of cities taken from Brazil by his own allies: 1 lol

Well, the Indian empire has began this, will the Indian empire pay for the damages done to our friend Pedro?