8 Seats Invitational, No AI's, Std Speed, BBG (dcaeb351)

no to bbs
no to restart

So we have 4 to yes @MisterT800 @OtherRealisms @Calcifer @kapshul , 4 to no @chaldean33 @Bliss @our_witchcult_grows @PerroMalo

Let’s decide it on a easy flip of coin once and for all.
Heads - yes
Tails - No

Anyone can verify it at command channel in cpl discord.
So lets continue with this game.


Nicely done.

Yeah. Thanks a lot Perro. I didn’t expect to do heads/tails as majority vote didn’t pass. Thanks for doing that also and being clear.

Thank you all for your patience.

Now that we have 2 games started I have opened the last game join in this link and post your ban, this is gonna be wetlands.
Password is the same, if someone has lost it pm me.

@Calcifer If you leave the settler, I will let your warrior and scout go home unmolested.

Delete the settler!

wow rough sstart

I plan to settle near Matterhorn and giving you the settler will remove my chance of doing that. so I removed the settler :slight_smile:

Well-played @Calcifer and @MisterT800.

GG. Matterhorn is busted, and it should be banned even with its recent nerf. the movement bonus was in my favor a lot.

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@PerroMalo sent u FS deal

@OtherRealisms you got 2 points on this game, however the game still continues on the remaining games. :+1:

Is it against the rules of this game to take a 2nd city state? and don’t raze.

Let me know if it is and we can revert I guess in that case. But I dont see it anywhere so I took and didnt raze, and submitted my turn to dont stop the game.