8 Seats Invitational, No AI's, Std Speed, BBG (dcaeb351)

Smack talk goes here for 8 Seats Invitational, No AI’s, Std Speed, BBG! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/dcaeb351-813d-4877-a1b7-91ce51121f4b

The very idea of ​​the competition is very interesting, although in my opinion it is difficult to start three Games at once. However, my average turnaround time is over 3 hours, even though I consider myself “quick”. I will not play myself, but perhaps my comments will be useful to the players:
I think that the declared standard “3 hours per turn” The game will not stand - AI will have to replace most of the players (or revise the standard). In addition, I want to advise you to collect information about the preferred time for the production of all Players, and line them up so that there are no large time intervals. Everyone - enjoy the game!

I think the intent is to ensure players who do join will actually meet the “Everybody that has availability to move at least 2 times in the day with 6 hours of difference can participate” requirement as evidenced by their current average 3 hours per turn average. It doesn’t mean you have to take a turn within 3 hours of notification every time.

Ban Babylon.

Ban Eleanor of Aquitaine

Can I join?

Sure, I sent u a steam friend request to send u the password.

Can you all pls post your playing window(s) in GMT (or UTC it’s the same) in order to do an efficient arrangement of the players?

@PerroMalo steam request accepted, my playing window is 8am - 11pm CET (GMT +1)

8.00-24.00 GMT

noon - midnight GMT

from 06:00 to 21:00 gmt

I can typically play my turn quickly between 13:00 and 24:00 GMT

1600 - 0400 gmt

I Ban Maori

ban norway

would u like to ban someone @MisterT800 @our_witchcult_grows @Bliss ?

I’m gonna ban chandragupta

no bans from me

This is the way the arragement was placed, normally we are gonna be able to do 2 tuns per day and if we are lucky enough and hurry our turns during the doted times we might be able to do 3 or even 4 turns a day (I’m a dreamer)
In a moment I’m gonna put the draft so everyone can make your pics.

Shift the players two to left, so you would be the first and host

Here you have the civs, make your choice.

:FranceCatherineBlackQueen: Catherine-BQ
:EgyptCleopatra: Egypt
:IndonesiaGitarja: Indonesia
:MapucheLautaro: Mapuche
:PhoeniciaDido: Phoenicia
:RussiaPeterTheGreat: Russia

:MongoliaGenghisKhan: Genghis-Khan
:GreeceGorgo: Gorgo
:HungaryMatthias: Hungary
:NubiaAmanitore: Nubia
:ScotlandRobertTheBruce: Scotland
:VietnamBaTrieu: Vietnam

:BrazilPedroII: Brazil
:ByzantiumBasil: Byzantium
:MacedonAlexander: Macedon
:ScythiaTomyris: Scythia
:SumeriaGilgamesh: Sumeria
:SwedenKristina: Sweden

:CanadaWilfrid: Canada
:GaulAmbiorix: Gaul
:KongoMvembaANzinga: Kongo
:ChinaKublaiKhan: Kublai-China
:ChinaQinShiHuang: Qin-Shi
:RomeTrajan: Rome

:ArabiaSaladin: Arabia
:AustraliaJohnCurtin: Australia
:GeorgiaTamar: Georgia
:KhmerJayavarmanVII: Khmer
:MaliMansa: Mali
:DutchWilhelmina: Netherlands

:IndiaGandhi: Gandhi
:GermanyFrederickBarbarossa: Germany
:JapanHojoTokimune: Japan
:SpainPhilipII: Spain
:AmericaTeddyRoughRider: Teddy-RR
:EnglandVictoria: Victoria

:AztecMontezuma: Aztec
:FranceCatherineMagnificent: Catherine-Magnificent
:KoreaSeondeok: Korea
:MongoliaKublaiKhan: Kublai-Mongolia
:MayaLadySixSky: Maya
:OttomanSuleiman: Ottoman

:CreePoundmaker: Cree
:EnglandEleanor: Eleanor-En
:GranColombiaSimonBolivar: Gran-Colombia
:IncaPachacuti: Inca
:PersiaCyrus: Persia
:AmericaTeddyBullMoose: Teddy-BM

I would like to add that bans and picks are gonna be different for each map.