7-seas BBG (7d22b7d0)

@adyyc, you’ll have to kick @Nuts first and then post the link to the game on the find-new-games channel

Sorry, we ran into an error.

I’m 1300 to 300 GMT for the most part.

Is this game still happening? Are we waiting on other players?

Yes, but going holiday for 3 days.

Do we select any leader we want or will there be any ban or draft?

please ban hammurabi

I picked from what was available when signing up. :man_shrugging:

Are we making this a CPL ranked match?

@adyyc wrote to me on private he agrees to make this a CPL ranked match.
That’s why he added “CPL” in the name.

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@adi_4k i have to restart, i fogot to put human players :frowning:

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This game has been reset by the admin.

@adyyc, are there any rules for this game?
For example all or any from CPL?