How to use Manage Mods in Admin Tools

You can use this option in admin tools to add or remove mods from your Civ 6 games.

For removing a mod from a game simply click on “Load Mods on Current Save” and click on the trash icon for the mod you want to delete.

To add a mod, you need a modid and a mod name. I will write some examples here.

For instance, to add Multiplayer Helper (link) mod, you should use the modid “619ac86e-d99d-4bf3-b8f0-8c5b8c402176” (without quotes) and mod name “Multiplayer Helper” (without quotes).

Note that after adding this mod to your save file, when loading the game in Civ, you should be able to see “Multiplayer Helper 1.5.5” and not the name which you specify here, and this is intended.

The name you specify in PYDT will only be shown when the mod is not installed on your system. However, if the mod is installed the actual mod name from mod developers will be shown in game, which is “Multiplayer Helper 1.5.5” in this case.

Another example is when you want to switch this game from live BBG (Better Balanced Game 5.6.1) to a static BBG (lets say BBG 5.5 for this example).
In order to do so, you need to first remove BBG 5.6.1 from your mod list on PYDT using the trash icon.

Next, you can add use the list at the end of this post to determine what is the modid for the particular static BBG you want to add to your game. For the mod name, I recommend using “Download BBG 5.5 Static”.

As discussed above, this name will only be displayed if the static mod is NOT installed on your system:

If static BBG is installed on your system, you should be able to see the correct mod name as follows:
Screen Shot 2023-12-12 at 6.11.57 AM

List of important mods modid (will be updated after each BBG update):

  • Multiplayer Helper: 619ac86e-d99d-4bf3-b8f0-8c5b8c402176
  • Live BBG: cb84075d-5007-4207-b662-c35a5f7be260
  • BBG 5.1 static: 4b0fe5aa-aae8-4de0-b90c-08a3370337e5
  • BBG 5.2 static: 91ebe72f-9d2c-4146-9304-e4a24f740580
  • BBG 5.3 static: c8f509f0-1491-4986-b810-1266ab9097dc
  • BBG 5.4 static: 8bd2e87d-6ad2-41b2-9b3f-be4a2672a857
  • BBG 5.5 static: 65962e58-7494-49e9-8a95-885144037e81
  • BBG 5.6 static: 5e00779c-d29c-4d81-ac8d-5f26b61f585a
  • BBG 5.7 static: 72f5bc4b-72ea-4d7e-a60b-02d754c9927d
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