7-seas BBG (7d22b7d0)

Smack talk goes here for 7-seas BBG! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/7d22b7d0-a178-49ac-95dc-e672486e5c17

@adyyc , will this be a CPL ranked match?


@adi_4k Nu va fi CPL :slight_smile: Dar joc acolo din cand in cand.

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GMT+8 ,can I play?

@Volks Sure!

GMT+8, afternoons

i am best 1600 to 2200 gmt

I can only play at deep night,except Sunday

@Nuts, if you join CPL, @adyyc could make this be a CPL ranked match.

@Valamas, will you please recommend the order of players based on our playing times?
Thank you!

Sure can…

?? is 爷爷

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Sorry to bother you.

I just wanna talk to @Nuts . Can you tell me why you left the game with no word no answer and you join other games.

It was a fresh game so I don’t see the point of leaving 11 other players without a word.

I answered to Discord in PYDT talks. Please, specify the BBG version in the description of the game before we start playing. If you disable the BBG in this game or leave the live version I will take my place.

@Nuts, if you are referring to the BBG version for this game, I am sure it is the live version (v5.6)
And we should change to static BBG 5.6 if 5.7 appears before this game ends.

yes. and we exactly did this in another game, and Nuts left the game after we switched to 5.5 static. bcuz he argued it was not mentioned in the game description that we are going to switch to 5.5 static. (same as this game description)

@Nuts, changing to the static version is the normal behaviour.
Because players have chosen the leaders/civs and made a strategy based on the properties of BBG version X

  • and it wouldn’t be ok for the game to suddenly be played with BBG version Y, which might have different properties.

@Nuts, will you remain in the game when we will change (at some point in the future) from BBG v5.6 live to BBG v5.6 static ?

@adyyc, I see that @Nuts is not interested in responding. I propose finding another player.

Please do.