6 person FFA (14f3ea87)

Smack talk goes here for 6 person FFA! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/14f3ea87-b772-42b3-9338-0166a72881bc

It looks like this is your first time hosting a game, welcome!

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Hi there! Thanks for joining my game. This is my first so I’m just setting something up to get a game going. If there are any rules you’d like to propose we play by, feel free to let me know!

Hi. I’m not really good in rules.
So let’s wait someone more experienxed.

Ok cool, no problem!

Hi Guys. I don’t think we need any rules :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree with Pete rules just confuse things.

I’m okay with no rules.

Ok cool we have launched!

I made some decisions on the various game modes with the newest mods. Apocalypse mode is one of them, with no turn timer. Hopefully ya’ll are ok with it! Enjoy and good luck everyone!

I’ve never played it, but I’m looking forward to it.

It will be fun. Natural disasters are at their highest. But it only really impacts things in the future era. With no turn limit, instead of playing forever or ending arbitrarily, there will be meteors that start raining down on the map, destroying units and cities… the last one to survive wins!

Of course all the other regular victories are enabled, so the game may end before we get to that point.

The Inca have settled Qusqo among the few defensible peaks we can fine on what is thus far a fairly flat and barren land. The chief’s hand is working with the common folks to learn new skills and develop our culture. Meanwhile our scouts have been sent to explore for any other mountain regions we can find. Thus far they can only find tundra and a barbarian camp to our north. The barbarians seem to be peaceful, for now. Of course we killed their scouting party who came close to our home, so we don’t really know for sure their intentions!

The Vietnamese haven’t explored far but have found plenty of tundra. Might be a tough map!

disasters are brutal in hollAND

My Cree lands seem barren and impoverished.

Netherlands having some issues? Maybe traveling or on vacation?

away with work

Kapshul is really impacting his leading turn time average here… :slight_smile: (Not that I’m one to talk!)

@kapshul is on vacation until Tuesday I believe.

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he is