6 person FFA (14f3ea87)

It has felt like a millenia since the project began. It lasted through multiple Incan leaders. Literally in real life it took over a month. But we have finally finished building the Oracle on top of a lonely hill near the desert. Hopefully it will attract greatness to our lands and lead us to new heights.

Meanwhile the barbarians have been running wild and our armies are running thin. With all of the strong men helping to build the Oracle we are running low on warriors to fight. Those remaining have stayed strong, but we need healing before we can storm their encampment!

The latest dust storms in the Incan desert were an absolute destructive force for the ancient people. It wiped the population down to one and killed a 3 improvement worker. Our armies are weakened. The northern barbarians have crossbows. We’re battling them to a stalemate but this was a major set back. :frowning:

i though i was struggling to. ouch

The Cree and our neighbors have mostly eliminated barbs from our continent. I’m still seeing lots of naval barbs and I don’t know where they are coming from.

me neither i lost a city to naval barbs. not up north certtainly

They make great shooting practice!

The Inca have been completely surrounded and harassed by barbs all game. Add in some desert storms and we’ve been being held back all game. Finally the worst one turned into a city state. I can handle the others… I think. Time will tell if it was too much for me to make up for later in the game!

Kapshul, send me your email address, if you are willing. The Inca would like to discuss the world situation with you…

i lost a city to barbs and all my capitals pop


I’m starting a new game if anyone wants to join.

something is weird in this game. i am getting ridiculous work ethic bonus and to change policies every turn

same issue

I do mean ridiculous on work ethic. Like 60 production

@Pete I am converting Tra Kieu to get 100 gold from an apostle promotion. I won’t (not want) try to convert your whole civ

No one listen to @OtherRealisms! He’s invading the poor Incan empire. Landed on our shores and went to war with no warning or discussion! We will not have it!

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Sorry Incans, nothing personal. But, you left yourself vulnerable by not investing in your military. This war has been very lucrative, but I’ll likely be pulling out after pillaging opportunities are gone. I don’t think that I can capture and hold any of your cities, but who knows?

That’s some real nice faith you got going on there!

some kind of bug i think i mentioned it above. totally menatal

How are we getting these insane district outputs? 240 production from a Holy Site?!?!? I found a couple in my territory.


Yeah I think it’s fair to say this game is broken :laughing: