12 Seats, No AI's, Shuffle, Std Speed, BBG, BBS, FFA (rules) (c4ccec3e)

Same here, I don´t have problems mit MPH

I’m sure it won’t be a problem either. Simply, it is not clear why in the course of the game to add a mandatory mod.

FYI, we have congress this turn, I’m posting the proposals so you can discuss them in public or in private, is up to you.

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I sell my vote for the Border Control Treaty (Indonesia)

@DogBoy511 GG

Proposals for this turn. FYI

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Nothing in these proposals helps China’s righteous war against the forces of darkness, warmongering, and other forms of evil. Except maybe banning the Suz bonus of Industrial citystates. If it fits someone’s agenda, know that it fits China’s… slightly.

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China and Persia declared war on our former friend Maya, and was not the most peaceful nation either :stuck_out_tongue:
Mapuche has helped people with luxuries on the other continent and is peaceful towards them. lets not remove the industrial CS bonuses.

@PerroFlamer Shall we look for sub here?

I second that

I’m trying to contact @andrewsmart48 to see if he has a solution in the near future.

Laptop arrived late lastnight. Will need to download stuff etc. Will start tufns today baring any issues with it.