10 Seats, No AI's, Fractal, StdSpd, BBG, BBS, MOD's, FFA (rules) (077551e5)

It will unlock automatically when the medieval era begins, although we dont have era dedications, we do have eras, so eventually medieval era will come, I think we are not far from it, game will announce the countdown to its arrival when we are at most 10 turns away from it.
Whit this switch of era you will obtain the new passives for ur Secret Society and also quests for CS’s will renew.


@EmJayLambert is in vacancies but Last Turn Played: December 6, 2023 9:27 PM" and the last turn in this game is Last Turn Played: November 7, 2023 7:10 PM

Can we set a 3 days turn timer @PerroFlamer to avoid abuses like this one. It seems that Mattlamert is playing too many games and chooses to play the ones with timers.

Here, we are stuck and if we wanna stop playing after those games that are stucks, we will break games because of a volontary afk player because we will have to leave…

AFAIK - He is having computer problems. I.E. not playing any turns.

Also be aware, the admin of the site has been running data updates for the game sorting. Various dates have been touched on different records of the system. I would not be surprised if the last turn date is incorrect.

Thanks @Valamas you’re right but I’m really not hopeful of getting it sorted anytime soon.
I’ve said all along there’s no hard feelings if players in any game prefer to kick or sub me.

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You could put it on autoplay for the time being. At least the game will move some.

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Ok, let me see if we can find a sub for @EmJayLambert

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We are starting soon a special game: https://www.playyourdamnturn.com/game/a087f835-8313-4b9f-82aa-07d4d50c0241

Quick speed, a few addons and the goal is to go far in the future to see offshore windturbines, solar panels, rockets and more!

We will play a bigger map than the number of players for everyone to get more space to build and prevent too many wars.

This game looks like this one so, if you are interested, we are already 6 and starting soon (no timer before the new year, then a 3 days timer.

We have a private Discord PYDT talks . This is easier to talk :slight_smile: Some of you are already in it with this 10 seats game.

FYI, congress proposals for this turn.

Thanks for this information.

If anyone wants help on the first A choice I can help.

If I can get a +5 (A) on cavalry (horses) for the second choice, this could be cool.

-5 (A) on cavalry (horses)

The game doesn’t move.

Are you guys talking in private?

Any need for the first choice?

Was Japan in a bad situation?

He just left with no word.

He was losing cities last I saw.

I am attacking Japan. My mainland is being taken by Gaul. So I am exiled.

I didn’t expect to be successful. All my cities will be occupied unless I finish off Japan.

That is a good move. You are under attack and you find a way out by kicking out another player.

That deserves congratulations.

(I hope that my english is clear enough)

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Er, it seems my religious units cannot embark, I have shipbuilding tech, is this normal? A bug? Something to do with the mods?

That come from mods. You have to “embark” religious units and if they have no ship with them, they die.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me.