10 Seats, No AI's, Fractal, StdSpd, BBG, BBS, MOD's, FFA (rules) (077551e5)

@Valamas You can send me the save file to take a look if u want?

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After trying a each “missing” BBG version I could find. I still have the problem.

Sorry @DogBoy511 for reverting the turn.

I have the same problem Valamas has. It is looking for BBG 5.2.8. I don’t have it and it’s not on Steam. Going to revert it to the host.

the game is on live BBG from steam. I don’t think this game converted to a static one at all.
I was able to load Valamas save BTW after installing the extra mods that this game has.

Maybe if you convert it to static this will solve the problem. It’s a frequent problem when they patch BBG.

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good idea.

I have it in static. This is only happening in two games, both of them are the 10 Seats, no AI game. All my other games with BBG are working to include the 12 Seats, no AI game.

If its showing you 5.2.8, it can both mean live BBG or static. The name that shows when you dont have the correct mod is the name of the BBG that the game was created with.
You can send me the save file to check

Do you want me to revert the turn or something?

Okay, are we going forward or backward? I have the turn and can’t load due to BBG 5.2.8. Do we have a fix?

I converted this game to BBG 5.3 static. Have u installed that?


Am I missing something? Industries are unlocked with currency… But can only be created by a tycoon… Which is unlocked at printing??

That’s correct.

Something gone wrong. :frowning:

@PerroFlamer, can you revert the turn, please?

I have already had that situation before, I think that might be a mod, try disabling all ur mods for UI (if this fixes the problem then u will need to identify which of all ur mods is causing the problem) and tell me if you still have the problem, if so I’ll revert the turn.

You are right.
mod is guilty.
Thank you!

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My friends, anyone willing to join a best of 3 series with settings similar to this game, not exactly the same, please join using this link https://www.playyourdamnturn.com/game/9129e820-2ac0-40ba-8473-e9258bc6ed6f

Please read the settings and rules at the games description, if you like them and you meet the rules, welcome on board!


As this game has a few special mods + to facilitate discussions, I have create a Discord server for PYDT discussions.

This is easier than Smart Talks and everyone can create a private zone.

When you come in the general server, just tell us the game you come from and you will get the role.

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Do we know how the unlocks work for secret societies, without golden ages/eras mode on? I have a tech in medieval but am unable to select the unlock for medieval in my secret society. Do I need a civic from medieval too?