10 Seats, No AI's, Fractal, Std Speed, BBG, BBS, FFA if meet the rules (bb2974a8)

@geoffgreene511 sorry but I already have a settler near the tile where my warrior sits. I chose this tile because it is a much better tile than other settlement sites available to me.

@OtherRealisms I’m getting hemmed in here. Pressure is building. I have nothing but sea. You have lots of land to your south.

I know that u didn’t ask me but, both Khmers and Cree founded cities toward Japan when both of u have tons of land south and north of each one, both of u have blocked any possible expansion of Japan toward north or south, now he can only found East. My opinion is don’t be greedy, let Japan have a piece of land, both of you have tons, let him have a bit.