10 Seats, No AI's, Fractal, Std Speed, BBG, BBS, FFA if meet the rules (bb2974a8)

Smack talk goes here for 10 Seats, No AI’s, Fractal, Std Speed, BBG, BBS, FFA if meet the rules! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/bb2974a8-bfc7-46b1-8f32-16c1fde90706

My average turn time is 4hr33m, but I’ve mostly been playing a game with a player from an Asian timezone just before me, so it’s hard to keep the average down… Can I get an exemption of the sub-4hrs rule? :d
(For reference I’m GMT+1)

Mine is above to but i suffer from the same thing. I play most turns really fast.

Ditto. Most of my +6 hour turns are from getting them overnight. During my playing window when I’m up, most of my turns are within the hour.

Well, all you that consider having an average time higher than the expected for reasons not concerning to you may join with no problem, just make sure to post your playing window(s) so I can make an efficient arrangement of the players to have a fluid game.
Also post your ban.

Hi Guys, I am playing most often between 9 - 22 GMT.

Ban Hammurabi - Babylon

ban frederik

can play 7-9gmt and 1800 to 2200

usually can play the middle too but not always

Banning: Lautaro
My timezone: GMT+1
My windows: Guaranteed once in the morning (8:00 - 10:00 ish my time) and once in the evening (16:00 - 18:00 ish). Then, extremely likely that I’m here all late evening (20:00 - Midnight).
During weekends and days off (depends on uni schedule), I’ll be in range of my computer in roughly all the day cycle.

You already know how much I play :grinning:

(GMT - 5) so 12 PM - 3 AM GMT

General playing window 12:00GMT - 24:00GMT
Ban Maori

and ur ban my friend?


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My play time is GMT-5.

My ban is Gandhi of India.

GMT +3, Indonesia ban.

UTC/GMT -6 hours

Ban Zulu

Ban Canada
Play 1500-0200 GMT

What are your playing window(s) bros in GMT or UTC time pls?
@MisterT800 @DogBoy511 @Aleks08II

I’ll ban Eleanor from France
my playing window is 17:00 - 05:00 UTC