10 Seats, No AI's, C&I, Std Spd, BBG, BBS, SS, FFA (rules) (c41e03a9)

yeah, I agree that reverting a 11 people, std speed game would be too much.
I vote option 2

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ok, I think that also option 2 is good for me, so, as most of ppl think we should continue as is, then lets continue.

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I took a very bad start with this game. I just lost my second city…i’m already dead. To be continued without me. Can’t play just to click “next turn”.

Have fun! Cya in other games.

wow, this quick in a std speed game!

Yay, another fucking quitter!

He didn’t quit, he was conquered, and just quited a few turns before his las city fell because his position was lost. At least that’s what I understand about his message.

I guess I have different definition of quitting :person_shrugging: