10 Seats, No AI's, C&I, Std Spd, BBG, BBS, SS, FFA (rules) (c41e03a9)

When I hovered over your avatar, it read something like, “Dealing with lost phone”.

Also, nice try some of you trying to get gold from the new guy!

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Ahha! Now i remember…I have a habit of not clearing the reason when I unset the vacation flag.

i might have asked but if so only because i need it to make sure my neighbours fall further behind

Makes total sense. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re at 2 days since the last move was made. I thought we wanted to make timely moves in this game, and if not, then at least post a reason why there’s a delay.

Ok. I see now that people update their profile. My bad. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope you two are having fun. I am having massive fun in fairness.

Pretty sure you could have built 2 settlers instead of a dozen ships.

Hey all. Can someone help? I have an error when trying to upload the file that it’s the incorrect player turn. I’ve tried 4 different times. I noticed that it’s saving as my civ’s name instead of the next one.

All good now.

I met one of the AI and refused a delegation. Just verifying that we’re not supposed to accept delegations, engage in any trade deals, have friendships, or alliances with the AI.

Actually only trades with the AI are prohibited, fs and alliances are allowed, you can not conquer cities from the AI, but u can raze them and take the land.

We have congress this turn, these are the proposals so you can prepare your voting.

Is Perro on vacation? I don’t see it on their profile.

We’re getting close to a month since our last turn. Does @andrewsmart48 need a sub?

Bought a laptop yesterday as back up should have everything caught up saturday at latest.

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FYI, proposals for current turn