10 Seats, No AI's, C&I, Std Spd, BBG, BBS, SS, FFA (rules) (c41e03a9)

Smack talk goes here for 10 Seats, No AI’s, C&I, Std Spd, BBG, BBS, SS, FFA (rules)! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/c41e03a9-1c40-4738-9fbc-8c172fc9543d

hey dude, your game description is awesome! would you mind if I use it whenever I create a game?

you can use it, I have no problem

No ban

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Very compleat description, congratz.


No ban
Random Civ :slight_smile:

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gmt -3
8 - 23
ban: trajano
ban: john curtin

Will you ban someone sir?

Can you confirm if you playing window is in UTC time or in ur local time?

sir @andrewsmart48 can you confirm your playing window and your ban pls?

MarcoMorais can you confirm your playing window and your ban pls?

ban scythia

17:00 to 2200 gmt

playing window in local time. I changed my ban, hope that’s ok.

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I don’t have a ban.
Playing windows in GMT: 0600 - 0800 and 1800 - 2200

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I’ll ban Philip II from Spain

MarcoMorais, @RTR_Carneiro_R, can you confirm your playing window(s) in UTC time and your ban pls?

Actually, I don’t know enough about the various tribes to know which ones to ban.
My play is grossly under-researched, which is probably why I never won more than a handful of games.
4 out of 113 is frankly pathetic.

If you don’t know who to ban u can go as “no ban”, there is no problem if you prefer to ban no one.

Np dude. I’m a big noob too but this game is beautiful like the future of chess. When we never win, we can still change the futur and help the second to beat the first or something else that change the game :slight_smile:

I totally agree with this comment, all players play a role in the game, even when you are not gonna win, that includes me.