Zam's (1dade62a)

Smack talk goes here for Zam’s! Game URL:

@Zamalekite please reoder players according to their time-zone before start. Ex.: GMT+2 GMT 0 GMT-1 GMT -2 …

Hi @adyyc I didn’t actually mean to create this game and it’s not showing in ‘my games’. I’m seeing if it will still play properly though.

I was wanting to do the same settings as this game:

I can just drop out of this one and leave you @adyyc as the host?

@Zamalekite You can’t switch the host

we swapped host in another game, it can be done but needs admin help.

I’ve changed turn oder but don’t know where one player is from.

Please @adyyc @HappyCamper and others read the mod requirements.

Any of you on Macs? Seems to be an issue with mac users since the update.

@adyyc you having issues?

@Zamalekite Nope, i’m on Windows. Very busy these days.

No worries. It seems anyone on a mac can’t play PBEM these days. Lots of games are now stuck.

Sorry about the delay with my turn!

No worries Oscar.

Btw I’ve swapped Rhuarc out of the game for slow play. Tried messaging but no response and average turn speed is very slow.

Is anyone in this game affected by the latest faith-buy bug that came with the update?

it seems like this bug is affecting all games so I’m going to roll the game back.

can everyone please do turns using the legacy game mode

right click on Sid Meier’s Civilization VI in your Steam library, then select Properties. In the window that appears, navigate to the Betas tab and enter the code ineedlegacyaccess into the text box. This will unlock a Legacy beta branch, which you can then select from the dropdown. You are able to finish your games there. Make sure to turn this beta branch off when starting a new game!

I hope maximillian notices the change before his turn - I can’t find him on Discord and can’t @ mention him on here!

Max - please let me know how we can message you!

I’ve played my turn in legacy mode. Hopefully they’ll hotfix the bug.

The legacy mode isn’t compatible with saves using the latest patch. That means you have to switch between versions if you have other games where legacy mode hasn’t been used.

Switching between versions is going to be a colossal pain in the ass.

I’m already having to switch versions for other games anyway so what we do in this game makes no difference to me.

I’m fine to continue with the regular version in this game as I don’t need faith-buys. But what about everyone else? I’d rather have the inconvenience of swapping if it meant a fairer game for other players.

someone hasn’t read the notes and done their turn in standard mode :frowning:

must be either @adyyc or @oscaribf as I know The Brick did turn in Legacy mode.

I’m totally fine with the bug in this game as I don’t have any faith anyway. So I’m going to proceed without legacy mode. if someone is affected they’ll need to speak up!

I did not, yes, and i do not plan to use complicated workflow for my game.