WW2 Gathering Storm take 2 (91f270ab)

Smack talk goes here for WW2 Gathering Storm take 2! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/91f270ab-8383-40c6-babf-bd38924d9051

Let the war begin!!!

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@Khiliani are you guys on the discord? i wanna make sure you have access to the right chat rooms

i am not, can I have the link please?

https://discord.gg/r2NN8E @Khiliani

In now, so you can put me in the right chat.

I am. Not sure if my name shows up as Jamie or Leviathan but I’m in there.

On the server your name is Leviathan, but any private PM show you as Jamie :wink:

https://www.playyourdamnturn.com/game/149fe028-c358-4f52-a094-e5d77771e53b World war 1 game if any of you are interested! Password is


Are we waiting for a new player or did this game die?

its not in the list of ongoing games with open spots, so a bit hard for new people to join

Allow Users to Join After Start: No"

This dont make it easier ;), luckily it can be changed by game creator, i think it will “hopefully” turn up on the page of open games…

manually will not be possible to join (when player quits, its no longer possible to join), admin Mike needs to add new human into the game.
I guess Japan has 3 inches of land to develop? :slight_smile: i would consider to join, but will be leaving for 3 weeks in July for vacation.

Well if you go to the section, to edit your game, you can actually turn the “Allow users to Join” to Yes, even if you started the game with a No… but mechanical if it works? that i have no idea… might be that?
Im pretty sure, i changed some of my games from no to yes… after launch… i know even after having a password set, you can remove it after the game is launched…

But yeah… its worth a try i would think? @connermiddleditch @mrosack

Like @kilpa said, the join after start only works for slots that were blank at the beginning of the game. Do we know who wants to take over?

Ahh good to know, @connermiddleditch your call here :slight_smile:

Hey sorry i didnt notice theses @kilpa WE WOULD LOVE TO ADD YOU. Vaction wise it should be fine. Its not like we havent waited before hahaha. ill send you our discord
@mrosack If yoi can add Kilpa to the open spot that would be awesome

@Scienidez Sorry everyone for very slow reply

OK, sorry I missed this, @kilpa should be in the game now.

So every time i go to play the turn it says That it is the wrong players turn and that i should just go back and replay it because i probably missed something. I did that 2 times and i havent missed anything @mrosack