Valamas' Always War Mode "Lakes and Choke Points" (e2110bad)

Oops, sorry! I lost track of my turns. I’ll submit my turn as soon a possible.

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I couldn’t load the game, it showed up as Japan’s turn, so I had to revert.

strange, Japan is not in the game.

This is always war, right?

I find myself - before moving - next to England / Sledge Poteet, but am not at war, so I guess they forgot about the need for a declaration.

So I just declared…

Turn played…and now my senile memory staggers back into its malfunction.

Perhaps we already met a turn or so ago, perhaps i got a notification previously i had met them but without seeing them (woods?)…perhaps it was my fault before.

Dunno, going to lie down in a dark room

I’ve only ever "Always War"red in Civ IV, which has a Game Settings option to have war declaration happen automatically on sight, so I clean forgot to declare when I saw ya.
Thanks for doing that.

So, um…All that said,… Come at me, bro?


I have reverted my turn as I had problems loading the save

@Valamas: Seems we met, but I didn’t see you on my turn. So it’s you who forgot to declare war on me.

What happened was that I hit next turn. My scout which was given a path the previous turn, did an auto movement and the game presented the save screen. I did remember hearing a meeting sound but I was clueless, obviously.

May our relations continue to be bad from here on. :rofl:

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just wanted, that you “take” the grievances. :wink:

(Already declared war against another player, where it wasn’t clear, who decteted whom. But in our case it was clear, as I can’t see you :slight_smile: )

The dreaded hordes of Mongol.

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2 months? Is this still alive?

@Markelix are you still with us?


I sub Markelix.

Just took my turn. The start is not bad not good. We will see if the choices he makes (differents from mines) will be good.

I am playing around 9am GMT most of the time and mostly from monday to friday. Week-end is more chaotic.