/v/ and friend's game! (6273b181)

Smack talk goes here for /v/ and friend’s game!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/6273b181-c3b2-43a1-ae76-4711a861ea89

I’m a linux pleb BTW, so installing some mods might be hard for me.

If you have steam workshop up it probably should allow you to install mods just as easily. I’m sure your using whine so hey it might not be that easy, buuuut I havn’t gotten a single homo suggesting a mod so we mimght be good.

IIRC anything in Steam workshop should be fine, it’s just mods that replace DLLs that might be trouble.

Good good. I don’t think we have any that changes the DLL’s. Although it might be easier on linux since DLL’s on there are just 10x easier to fuck around with on there. I’m no expert though so I might be wrong, but either way we should be able to avoid that problem since were not using any of those. 1 anon just suggested a mod that just reworks policies.

Advanced Player Sorting
Unfortunately, with so many new players; I cannot use my program to auto sort you.

the game is full, what happens now?

White goes first. Then we play

At this rate I think we can finish this game by the end of the year lol

Yeah this will take a while bud. just make sure to come on and do your turn whenever it comes up.

What do we do? Are you getting some replacement, OP?

Honestly we can just keep playing with just 1 cpu. I can try to get another replacement if you want 8 humans though.



Were good m8’s

@pgrose if you’re mad at me for settling lake victoria I can pay you reparations

Nah, that’s fine. Some gold will do. I was unlikely to grab it anyway.

from this coming Friday to Monday I won’t be able to play my turns so if you could have the AI play my turns instead that would be good

Shiet. Save won’t parse.

I’ll leave, tried everything, upload still broken.