TSL Huge FFA (21aeed76)

Smack talk goes here for TSL Huge FFA! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/21aeed76-6684-49e8-afe3-56632713d13c

If anyone has preferences about other game settings let me know here and we can discuss!

Can we make the game speed standard? With such a huge map I feel like armies get outdated too quickly. Just one man’s opinion.

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I think that’s definitely a problem with quick speed … I’m fine with standard speed if a majority agrees … what does everyone else think?

happy with standard

Hello, I joined here yesterday. I’m looking forward to this game. And I’m also in favor for standard speed.

Standard is good for me. My concern is how we are going to spread the Civs evenly over the map?

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Only way to ensure even spread I can think of would be to come up with a list of 12 civs that would be evenly spread, and everyone chooses only from that list … I’m fine doing that or letting the chips fall as they may … what does everyone else think on this issue?

current majority is all for standard, so I’m going to switch us to standard speed in the game parameters. if the majority shifts as more players join, we can discuss it again

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Since most players have chosen their civ, I did, too. I was careful to choose a civ that is not near other players.


Yeah, I think for this one it would be best for the reason StefanosG mentioned to pick civs with at least a bit of space separating them from other players’ starting locations … at this point, no one has picked any north american civs, so that’s a no-brainer, and I think a civ in the british isles would have enough space to breath a bit (from poland and rome), and africa could probably accomodate another civ (maybe zulu starting in the south would be far enough from nubia?) @andrewsmart48 @HappyCamper

i changed to teddy

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The last one should maybe take inca or aztec. or are there other good options?

i change to Zulu - Souh Africa

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Hi @Pete ! welcome to the game! I would suggest picking Inca or Aztecs rather than leaving your setting on random, as any other civ choice will probably put your start location uncomfortably close to at least one other players start location. I’ve played a little bit of test games on this map, and some start locations are so close to each other that one civ can easily be overcome just from early loyalty spread from another. Let me know what you decide, I’ll start the game after that!

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Looks like we’ve spread ourselves pretty well, agree that the Americas could use a third player there, Aztec would make a lot of sense… Only thing I would add is that Scotland might not have much room and rather than have 3 in Europe it might be better to have another in Asia, maybe as an India, Mongolia or China?

Ok, noted. I’ll take a look in a bit and make a choice.


Well, other players have chosen Mongolia & India & Russia, so I think Asia’s full :slight_smile: I played a test game as England, and Spain and France (and Sweden and Russia) were present … definitely only one of the England/Spain/France grouping is reasonable (my English culture overwhelmed Paris in the first few turns) – I think as long as there isn’t a Scandinavian civ or any European civs west of Rome in the mix, Scotland is just manageable (though confined) with the only other European civs being Rome, Poland & Russia … Am not sure where Russia spawns relative to Poland, I’m a little concerned about that – but it’d be a historically accurate early clash :smiley:

Happy to play with these civs, just looks to me like there will be a lot of open land in south/east Asia…I guess Russia, Japan and myself will be happy to expand into that area… maybe Maori too, I guess, depending on where you chose to go. :slight_smile:


I think you’ve got a point … there will be more initial room for a SE Asia civ than there will be in Europe … what do you European civ players think? @HappyCamper @Nighthawk419 @Crazyhorse Everyone happy with the way things have balanced out in Europe?