The Greatest Earth (fe28db9e)

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Definitely interested in a game like this. I haven’t done a YNAMP yet on PYDT, but it would fit well. I’m not partial to any given civ, so if you wanted us to pick some I’ve done so, or I’m also open for us to be randomly selected out of a hat and assigned. Whichever makes the most sense!

I know… I’ve wanted to do one for a while now. We may just end up doing random once we’re full, if people don’t have a strong preference. I think I’ll arrange everyone by a straightforward GMT order and hope that works out.

Sounds good to me.

I’m interested in joining if your looking for more players

Looking forward to the game!

All right! I’m going to start this up in a little while… probably about 4 to 10 hours from now. I’ve randomly selected the Aztec for @dand4444 and the Mongols for @DogBoy511 , and left everyone else with their chosen civs.

If nobody has any problems with that or the turn order (I’m imagining @Khiliani taking turns as the rest of us sleep peacefully) I’ll go ahead.


Hadn’t considered this, but when I did a test run, a couple of civs started within 1st turn attack range of a CS settler. I’m going to drop the CS down to 18, but shall we agree on letting them be until they settle, or at least 10 turns?

Also, in a couple of games, we’ve banned Venetian Arsenal… what do you think?

I think both of those are sensible, CS are easy enough to three warrior beat down early, sniping a settler would be a bit overkill, especially if it’s due to a TLS scripting reason they’re so close, that is just using the custom map scripting to a bit of an advantage more than intended.

Re: Venetian Arsenal, i’m definitely not opposed to banning it. The force projection it allows is absolutely wild in information era on any map with a sizable ocean.

I’m good with those recommendations. Leaving the CS alone until they settle. Banning the Venetian Arsenal.

What is the disaster setting? I landed next to a volcano - probably expected for the Aztecs.

I’ve got it set a 2, so enjoy your mountain views.


Looks like ended up on the required list as well.

Also I see what you meant! I started one tile from a CS settler.

Whoops… I did have that mod up from another game… We’re still set at 2, but I guess the game could’ve gone to 5. :slight_smile:

Toot Toot! Goodluck all. I’m also good w/ no Venetian wonder

Oh goodie. I’m in Gobi Desert. At least I don’t have to worry about winning any high population city contests :slight_smile:

Man, that city state settler is so tempting.
I’m also happy with No Venetian arsenal

I’m getting an error message when I try to load up the game. Dunno if its the version issue everyone has had recently, but Im on a PC with version
I have kicked the turn back, hopefully that resolves the issue

I am still getting the error message: Capture

I have tried disabling all mods, and only running the mods needed for the game, but it keeps coming up with the error. I have the same game edition as the save file, and all my other PYDT games have not had the issue, so dunno whats causing it.

I’m kicking the save back again, @DogBoy511 can you just double check there is nothing weird with the file when you upload it?