[SOLVED] Ability to choose if my Vacation Mode auto-skips turns or not in matches with turn-timer

As a player in a holiday, I want to be able to set Vacation Mode ON, while choosing if my turns in matches with turn-timer should be auto-skipped (as it is now) or not.

  • I would like to use Vacation Mode because it makes it very clear to the other players that I am not able to play my turns at the normal frequency.

  • But I never put it on because it would make me skip turns on matches with a turn-timer.

My preference would be for Vacation Mode not to auto-skip those turns

  • but maybe other people prefer to have their turns auto-skipped
  • so it would be best for the player to choose if his Vacation Mode auto-skips or not

This could go very well hand-in-hand with Ability to “Disable turn-timer for players on Vacation Mode”

  • because that other option is for hosts which don’t want the players to feel pressure during their holidays

I’m not sure we want this to be a user option instead of a game option, I’ve made the changes for the game and we can revisit this if necessary.

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The solution you’ve just implemented is very good. Thank you!

All that remains to see is if hosts will be nice enough to NOT select “Turn is skipped immediately” :smiley:

Turn is skipped immediately - If the player is in vacation mode?

Yes, when that option is selected, the player in vacation mode is skipped right away.

Option 2 should be renamed to
Turn is skipped immediately while players are on vacation

Option 3 should say instead of users

Also to give a note on the skipping options.
If the turn timer is turned on during a game when a player's turn time is greater than the set turn timer. The turn will be skipped immediately.

If you agree, should this thread have [SOLVED] removed so that it rejoins a development queue?

I am happy with how it is right now.
I suggest creating a new ticket for any text change request, rather than reopening this one.

I will create a new ticket. I am only suggesting clarity with text changes or adding a description.

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