Sir Fiúza's game! (46c4d94d)

Smack talk goes here for Sir Fiúza’s game!! Game URL:

Guys I started the game with the BBG mod active (Better Balanced Game v3.16.4), I reversed and tried to send it without it but it didn’t work, well the mod is very well known, it improves the game a lot, you guys agree to play with it, it was very lacking of my attention
link steam:

Can’t we arrange to play this over an in-game cloud setup? I’ve just now understood the safety issues around PYDT and it’s making me loose interest in this platform. :disappointed:

If everyone wants I can create to play together in the cloud

Why would you join a PYDT match, then complain about it being a PYDT match? If you don’t like PYDT matches, don’t join. Also, play your damn turn.

Just because I wasn’t aware of those issues before, as I said. But it was just a proposition, not a complaint. You can just say no, there’s no need to feel like you can lecture on a complete stranger.

What safety issues are you referring to? I’m the admin of this site and I’m not aware of anything.

não tem um jeito mais rápido pra jogar esses turnos sem ser fazendo download e upload todo turno não hein??? esse site não explica nada

By placing the saved file in the multiplayer file folder, it is possible to kick all players, choose any of the civilizations and spy on another player. I found out by a group of friends in another match, Alvarez heard about it now.

Couldn’t you do the same with a play by cloud save file? In any case, you’re right that we can’t prevent people who are dedicated to cheating, but there’s been instances of cheaters called out here in the past and I don’t think it’s a common occurrence.

I think the site is a great platform to find matches, I want to play just for fun, so I really hope that nobody uses that. Because that would ruin the match.

só vc baixar o app (em download client), quando for sua vez vc clica jogar e ele já salva na pasta certa, quando salvar no jogo o app reconhece o save e já lhe dá a opção de enviar, muito simples.

Couldn’t you do the same with a play by cloud save file?

I don’t think so, as cloud saves doesn’t show among other game saves. It could be possible, though, if someone could manage to find wich game file corresponds to a specifc cloud game.

it is impossible to download a save from the cloud, as far as I know

Give it a shot, I was just able to do it, while it’s your turn just save using the normal save menu. Then you can load it up outside of play by cloud just like a PYDT game. Also, I believe that old saves are stored in the multi/auto folder for play by cloud games.

It really happens in the cloud, anyway, we can’t do anything right, let’s play our games

Just reverted the turn because it opened a very strange lobby screen saying there wasn’t any human player in the game.

I’m still getting the same bug. Has anyone ever experienced this before? This is what I get when I try to open the gamesave.

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same situation :frowning:

I’ve worked around this problem by turning off all non-official mods in the game options, restarting it and opening the gamesave again. Give it a try and tell us how it goes.