Sir Fiúza's game! (46c4d94d)

It worked :slight_smile: TY

Leech Sucka, any problem with the shift?

Sorry, I was out of town without access to a PC.


I can’t understand this forum’s interface, how can I mention Taco (Cyrus) player? I write @ and there is no one with this name

i wasn’t subscribed, know i’m and you can talk to me

@Taco Sup. You know, Norwegians never were enemies to Persians. We just had to pillage coasts and capture civilians to survive in endless northern winters. So we suggest to forget all past grievances and make peace.

@our_witchcult_grows i undestand, we can negociete the peace soon.

Persia won the game friends, we finish here :wink:

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GG brothers

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At the end of the game we just delete it here on the site, right? Too bad it’s not in the Civ 6 Hall of Fame

yep. maybe some day @SackGT will develop something like hall of fame)
or replays like in civ4 !

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it was a nice game!