SIM CITY 7: 7 seas, 7 seats, BBG 5.1, BBS, online, 1tpd, draft (bfedeb7a)

I’ll go with Joao


I’ll go Sweden

Sorry for the bad news but i’ll finally quit the game. I’m not sure to play every day. But thank you for your patience about my ban errors.

@villageois999 it’s ok. Wishing you the best

All - I’ll start the game once another player joins and picks from the drafted civs

Australia, plz.

And we’re off!


Hopefully he’s still alive

Hi all! I accidently forgot about the rule Limit 2 active friendships / alliances and sent a friend request to everyone I met :person_facepalming:

The first two people I met were Korea and then Spain. It seems like a fair resolution to consider them as “real” friendships and the rest of the formal friendships with Sweden as mistakes. What do you think?

i probably did the same eek

seems fine these things happen

Shall we set a turn timer? 4 days of inactivity so far.


I guess this is the first time I do a World Congress on a PYDT game - is it intended that this “turn” was nothing but the Congress? Most other “actions” of a turn had not been processed (units that I had moved were still at 0 movement points if I closed the Congress, and generally I couldn’t do anything).
The only thing that did change is a barbarian spawned and attacked one of my units, so hopefully they won’t do that twice until I can move!

yeah its just congress doesnt count as a turn.

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hey all - as people get closer to unlocking Civil Service, just a friendly remember that the rules for this game are 2 active alliances at a time max :v:

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Unable to load, game says one or more mods is not loading content. I am not doing anything differently, I have the correct mods selected… Going to try reverting.

Andrew has replayed his turn but I am still unable to load the game, same thing is happening. Anyone have any ideas?

Checked if you still got your local version of BBG 5.1.8?

Hmm I have BBG 5.3.0 but on the load screen it says that is what I need…Just tried subscribing to 5.1.8 (seems I never had it?) and using that instead but it still wont load.

Could Andrew be doing something differently??