SIM CITY 7: 7 seas, 7 seats, BBG 5.1, BBS, online, 1tpd, draft (bfedeb7a)

Smack talk goes here for SIM CITY 7: 7 seas, 7 seats, BBG 5.1, BBS, online, 1tpd, draft! Game URL:

Ban Kupe

Ban giglabro

Ban Russia

Ban Victoria

Ban Maori

Banning Basil

Ban Zulu

hi @villageois999 ! Māori are already banned. So you can ban another civ if you want to

Then ban Russia

Someone else already did! :smile:

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AHHH ! Alright ban Indonisia

By the way, do u have a date to start the draft now i found a real ban ?

Here we go!

Coppercloud: Swedish (Kristina) Mayan (Lady Six Sky) Malian (Mansa Musa) Mongolian (Kublai Khan)

andrewsmart48: Chinese (Qin Shi Huang) Incan (Pachacuti) Spanish (Philip II) Scottish (Robert the Bruce)

StephanosG: Ottoman (Suleiman) Hungarian (Matthias Corvinus) Mapuche (Lautaro) Cree (Poundmaker)

matmer: Chinese (Kublai Khan) Scythian (Tomyris) Portuguese (João III) Kongolese (Mvemba a Nzinga)

CEO of Spearfighting: Japanese (Hojo Tokimune) Macedonian (Alexander) English (Eleanor of Aquitaine) Canadian (Wilfrid Laurier)

villageois999: Indian (Chandragupta) Egyptian (Cleopatra) Australia (John Curtin) Nubia (Amanitore)

petrojbl: Greek (Pericles) Mongolian (Genghis Khan) Korean (Seondeok) French (Catherine de Medici)

Is either Catherine de Medici version up for selection? Or just one of Black Queen or Magnificence?

In case you can’t see the picture: it’s Black Queen specifically.

philip please

I’ll play as Hojo.

Cree please. My name spelled with an ‘f’ btw. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll go with Seondeok.