Shuffle this! 8 player (a4de403d)

I’m happy to go with B.

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I was having a problem with B, but I got it fixed, so I have done B

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was the user defeated or he just surrendered?


haven’t even met him :expressionless:

Hi! I was on short break and it looks like bot did 2 turns instead of me. Is it okay to ask to rollback the turns after the fact? If so are you okay with that?

Normally, I would say yes.
But I had some fights going on with @danlmartins and I don’t want to revert those.
Sorry, @Chiller :frowning:

If we go back two turns, I’m surely going to get a great general that was stolen from me!
So yeah, we should definitely go back!!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

just kidding, I’m on the same boat as @adi_4k. Since we’re at war, it’d be troublesome to reproduce the same steps in the same order. Sorry @Chiller!

As a side note, please let us know that you’re going on a break before hand (if possible, of course). Depending on the situation, we could’ve agreed to stop the timer! :wink:


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thanks! It makes sense !


Guys, now I’m the host on this game.
@danlmartins asked me to increase the timer or even remove it, at least for a while.
For now, I have removed the timer and I suggest we keep it removed this summer.
If anyone is against please say so and share your proposal.
Thank you!

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Apologies for the delay. I hope to take my turn by tomorrow afternoon.


there’s no timer for this one also, @Si1! cheers!

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Thank you for having patience with me all these 22 days!

Sorry, but I’m going to need to be subbed out.

Been losing interest in Civ 6 for a long time now. And it’s got to the point where I no longer enjoy the game.

@Si1 , @Stezo187 let’s find another player for Japan before you do your turn.

I didn’t even remember my strategy to this game, so no problem waiting a little more! :smiley:

All good now, a human is in charge of Japan once again :smiley:


We’ll see if I can perform better than the AI (Probability: Low)


As long as you keep friendship with Persia and help me fight against @adi_4k, you can’t go wrong, mate!
That’s the secret to success!! :grin: :joy:

@Jash, previous Japan ruler was just happy to have free tickets to the show me and @danlmartins are putting up. Even gave both of us open borders.

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