Shuffle the conflict (3f9da6e3)

I think you did the same to me this last turn. No worries, I declared war on you.

This is a fun and challenging game so far. Plus a bit aggravating.

This battle is nuts. I have a screenshot if you will allow it. Otherwise I can save it for later.

Best to save it for later. I don’t want you to accidentally give me an unfair advantage. But just when I thought I was doing well, I get crushed. Then have to rebuild.

Finally declared on two civs. Oops. Apologies.
I have to say I am not pleased with the weather. My capital is located in one of those civ6 areas that has repeating and frequent calamities, ice and dust storms. Its number of citizens has just been reduced again, to 1 this time.
Obviously this is counterbalanced by the repeated increases in fertility of the surrounding hexes - a few of which are now up to 2 food.
Hey ho, nonny nonny no…

I find disasters annoying because they tend to repeat too much and in the same spots.
One game has a number of farms and a dust storm would visit too often.Which = lots of repairs and rebuilds.

DB Gold is good for removing Special emergency sessions and World congress rounds.

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Ya, I think I will remove them next time. I don’t even know what this special emergency session was about, it didn’t let me see.

I have played Macedon 3 times, and lost all 3 times. I think this will be my 4th loss as Macedon unless I can pull off a magic trick. They look so strong, but perform so poorly. Or maybe I just perform so poorly with them.

Emergency session was ai being beastly to me. They will pay.
My capital citizen may be solo, but also pugnacious.

Too funny as I was having the same thing. I have been hanging on to hope, with a failure being the legacy of slowing you down enough to give someone else a sniff at victory. I am very much enjoying it none the less.

I think I just got my magic trick, at least for a short while. The walls have been a blessing. Now if I can just recover all my wounded units, kill these barbarian hordes that are threatening my other cities, and get some workers to cultivate my lands, I might survive for a while longer.

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killable great people would have been nice just then

If you’re talking about my great general, I kept it in my borders (at least I think I did). I was trying to lure in one of your units to kill it.

In the next always war game I will make great leaders killlable.

Oh yea, totally in the rules. He was just standing in the middle of the plains sticking his tongue out at me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am joining this game.

I joined, but I shouldn’t have. I’m already in so many games. But I’m already in 5 of his other games so what’s one more…?

GG @DogBoy511, I have to concede.

The war weariness has been a major advantage for you. With the impending collapse, and as I saw you were being careful in surrounding me, I ordered the scorched earth policy and harvested luxury and strategic resources. That gave me some more money and production to carry on. You will find Arabic lands are barren.

I am out of money (draining for so many turns) and my units are now deserting.

One of my top games. My light cavalry units raiding your rear territory. The fire I started was great fun. Roasted Greeks.

GG. This game has been fun, frustrating, hopeful, dreadful, and probably more. Just when I thought my archers would finish you off, the soothsayer wipes them out. Then when you were raiding my lands and advancing on me I thought it was over, but then I pushed you back. Capturing your cities helped, but then they revolt. So much back-and-forth. Well played.

Something weird in this game.
Every time a particular conquered city breaks away from me, my military policies are all wiped out, and i need to reinstate them (without penalty - and independent of cultural advance having been made)
That has been going on for some time now.
This last turn, also one of my military policy slots has vanished…
Also, my conversions of foreign cities under war also are notched back…

I have just gone back to an earlier save to check. I have lost a policy slot. Can we revert this ?

We cannot go back to when the deselections started, as this was a long time ago.
If this does not work, then as a fallback position, I could perhaps go back to the last time i took this city, and raze instead of retain