Restart - Archipelago - FFA 8 players - All DLCs + BBG + BBS + 5 UI mods (13e4e598)

Smack talk goes here for Restart - Archipelago - FFA 8 players - All DLCs + BBG + BBS + 5 UI mods! Game URL:

+Vote for newest BBG (5.x)
GMT+1, should be on my profile.

my vote is for newer bbg
gmt -3

We need one more to start the game

we’re full!

Newer BBG.
I’m GMT -6

I live in GMT -8 time zone. More relevant is my playing times 1500-0200 UTC.

Most recent BBG.

Can someone help me order this in order? I’m a bit unsure who should be where

Name, GMT+/-, UTC play time

  1. @PierreReynaud +0 [1800-2400]
  2. @OtherRealisms -8 [1500-0200]
  3. @CEO_of_Spearfighting +1 [1700-2300]
  4. @andrewsmart48 +0 [1800-2400]
  5. MarcoMorals -3 [2100-0300]
  6. @danlmartins -3 [2100-0300]
  7. @petrojbl1 (@petrojbl?) -6 [0000-0600]
  8. @Yeti_la_Pesadilla -6 [0100-0400]

My suggested order. I’ve tried to align the play times in UTC so that they overlap and steadily increase. I used playtimes ppl provided, and assumed local play time of 6pm-midnight for those for whom it was unclear or didn’t say. There’s some guesswork involved, but I think this should work well.

Any suggestions/changes?

I usually can play 1 turn in the morning, and I’ll be free a lot generally the next 5 weeks
IMO it’s better to lump timezones together, so move me+andrew right after the host. I always get confused with timezones so I might say something stupid if I keep it going.

@PierreReynaud it’s been two months for 25 turns, and you have taken over 15 hours in 13 of them; and 3 turns over a day in the last 5 turns. It is really dragging down the pace of the game.
Is everything ok? can you play more regularly?
I’m not sure I wanna be in a game that will take 6 months to reach turn 70…
let us know… cheers!

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Hey @danlmartins sorry I recently started a new job so I can’t work from home as often as I used to on my last job, but gradually I will be able to do so

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what do you guys think of having a 36 hr timer?
6 days ago we were on turn 25 and now 27…

Is it possible to add a timer mid game?

yeap. go to Game Details, then Edit Game Parameters and add the timer! :slight_smile:

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Aw nice, can everyone vote on a timer, please? 24h 36h 48h need a poll


36h seems like a fair medium to me