Red Death (8d3ab4cc)

Smack talk goes here for Red Death! Game URL:

Please send me the password (discord?).
I wrote

and would like to play and enhance the above document with any new tips.

Hey, so as the moment I’m holding slots for friends who haven’t played before, but if someone doesn’t decide to join, you will definitely be the first to know. In the meantime though, I’m down to do a public game of it, if you’re interested

No worries. Enjoy

hey, I’m opening this up to anyone, took the password off, if you’re still interested.

Is the last slot open to all as well or are you still waiting for your friend(s)?

it’s open if you’re interested. going to bump it up to 8 slots and then start tomorrow with everyone that is in.

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Thx, but optimize the turn order first, please :slight_smile:

am new, how do you mean?

edit: nvm, I get what you mean.

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Got an optimized turn order, and we are off. good luck everyone.

I reverted a turn, the save game was broken.

Tried again, let’s hope I didn’t break it again!

I’m not sure what happened, did I Kill @Valamas?

@buno me too. Maybe you take my civilian unit because your machine gun unit had hills promotion.
Ambush bait is sometimes not to be eaten. GG

I killed only one unit in the north, near the barbs.
I only have zombies, no machine guns and no standard promotions, only +X combat.

It´s many days now. How shall we continue?

We can substitute or remove the player, after 13 days I don’t think he will be back.

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Hi! I am back, was on vacation and was checking in some of my other games if they preferred Vacation Mode or not.

Ok, the basic rule is that if you say that someone won’t be back he immediately appears. :grinning:

GG I suppose! You really ground me down in the end. :slight_smile:

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