Realpolitik! (025344d5)

Smack talk goes here for Realpolitik!! Game URL:

Hey, adyyc. Unfortunately, your average turn time is way to long. You will not be able to participate in this game.Please be advised to leave. Thanks!

Sveikas, priimsi? :slight_smile: gal Gedas prisijungs? bet su standart speed jei blogai susidelioja pradzia kankyne zaist iki galo. ar tikrai jokiu apribojimu civam, nes yra galingu civ su special abilities…

cher znaet, paziuresim. Life is unfair :slight_smile:

Kelias iki @kilpa. Jūs ką tik padarėte mažiau nei 12 valandų vidutinį laiką. (Google vertėjas)

Man, that Google translator is bad at translating to Lithuanian LOL.

Ok guys, we have full crew. The game will start 7/15/2020 3 am GMT.

Pick your civs and make sure you have ALL DLC’s, including New Frontier.

Good luck everyone!!


shall we switch sequence of petrojbl with khiliani to make it according time zones?

Turn order will be: Spritz>khil>selezin>yog>kilpa>petro

Tthere’s a bug affecting faith-buys in all multiplayer games. We’ll probably need to revert a few turns

right click on Sid Meier’s Civilization VI in your Steam library, then select Properties. In the window that appears, navigate to the Betas tab and enter the code ineedlegacyaccess into the text box. This will unlock a Legacy beta branch, which you can then select from the dropdown. You are able to finish your games there. Make sure to turn this beta branch off when starting a new game!

Everyone will need to use legacy mode to play turns. @FriendlyPigletz has admin privileges here, so you’ll have to revert back to a save from before July 23rd to restore faith purchases for this game.

-or- we can just go forward with the game knowing that we won’t be able to buy units with faith.

oh crap, just saw your post Yog. Should I enable legacy mode on my Steam and revert to July 22?

I can’t find any info on the bug Yog mentioned. But people say they have issue loading saves after downloading update. That totally sucks. I’m actually considering just to stop this game, since its just the beginning. Would hate to find out saves are not loading 6 months into the game.

saves will keep loading, the issue will be if someone wants to base their game around buying stuff with faith, cause if we dont go with legacy that will be bugged out. Someone may know better, but I think it only affects purchases in progress? maybe cause noone is at that stage yet it wont be an issue, but I dont know for sure

I think when time we get to full-fledged faith, they will have time to make a patch.

Ok, lets just keep playing. Firaxis are aware of the issue, hope they will want to fix it next patch.

Some more information on the faith purchase bug:

  1. it only affects civilian unit purchases with faith in cities that were founded before update. If the city is founded after the update it should work fine. Meaning only our original capitals will be affected.
  2. Firaxis acknowledged the bug and indicated it will be fixed sooner rather than later.

Just wanted to share this.

are the bears playing civ for you? :slight_smile:

The bears were giving me solid strategic advice, which I took when I had some downtime and Internet access enough for a few turns. I’ve since left their domain and fled back into the “safety” of human civilization – which, I realize, looking at the news headlines all around the world, was probably a mistake. Bear country was much better!

“Houston, we have a problem” my hard drive died, not sure yet if its worth to upgrade current pc or just buy new one, hope to be back on track soon

It was about time to replace that Targa from 2003 anyway :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl: