Race for the Heavens (344c0f05)

Smack talk goes here for Race for the Heavens! Game URL: Play Your Damn Turn!

Hey, Welcome, kapshul! Didn’t see you come. This puppy probably won’t fly, but hopefully if you stick around we’ll get some more takers…

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And welcome SmartAndrew and erekose!

Only one slot and we can launch (har har) this puppy.

And we’re off! Welcome all! The game is afoot; the heavens await; but volcanoes, storms and floods threaten. May your starting position be strong, but not too strong.

Please advise if the save does not work, or if any other issues eventuate, such as an incredibly unbalanced start or just whatever.

I thought I was Australia on turn one, but I guess that’s a quirk of going second on Turn 1.

All is well, Babylon has nearly been founded.

“hostilities towards human players is discouraged” what does this mean ? discouraged is not prohibited;;; we should not ? or we cannot?

You can still go to war, but I think you should have a good reason.

GOOD REASONS (examples)

  • espionage: they stole my tech! they blew up my industrial zone! not cool!

  • religion: they’re converting my cities when I asked them not to, and I don’t have the faith to purchase apostles for defence. My military will expel these heretics!

  • culture: they flipped my city with their blue jeans and rock music! we will get that city back, but with guns!

  • protectionism: they are attacking a city-state that I am suzerain over

and finally,

  • World Police: they attacked another player without sufficient cause, we think. Unofficial emergency; time for some 5-on-1.


  • opportunism: they sent an unescorted settler right next to my exploring scout. Gobble!

  • pique: they got to a city spot I wanted before I got there. How dare they!

  • covetousness: that city has coal and The Great Library. I want those. WAR!

Does that seem OK? I’m open to negotiation on the topic. What do you think?

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it’s fine ! okay for me , thingsare more clear , and it looks fair ! GG to everybody

I wonder if @kapshul knows it’s his turn…

Quite probably not. Weekends are unpredictable.

True, good point.

Sorry for delay. :frowning:
I’ve been for from PC on the weekend.

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won’t this one city challenge mod limit us to one city

Wait, did I have OCC on? Shoot.
I don’t know for sure, but will check things out next time it’s my turn.

hmn…was the “x units in x turns” box down the bottom there? I don’t remember if it was there on my turn.

Yes, the mods are quite a fiddly bit to get right when you’re starting the game, and not quite so transparent as all the other settings.

Depending on what happens…we could let this play out as a OCC, or restart, presuming it actually IS on.

I don’t think it IS on. That is, I don’t recall that massive border expansion on settling that happened in our other game, Onan. And I don’t recall seeing the “scout” message either. We shall have to wait until one of us reaches size 2 and the see if the “Settler” options gets de-greyed.

Yeah you’re right, I don’t remember the massive border expansion either. Wait and see.

borders didn’t expand but the mod was required to start the game for me.

Ah. Well, I guess I forgot to disable the mod in Additional Content. However, because I didn’t select “One City Challenge” in the game setup, we are not in a OCC. At least, that’s what I surmise at the moment.

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Yeah, seems fine, just over-modded :slight_smile: