Race for space (2d65b74e)

I personally don’t like the timer as AI playing can just ruin the game and its sometimes irreversible.
So, if this is a vote, I vote for removing it.

I have other games as well, so if this option is just for this game it will skip all my other games.

You can check this in the PYDT page of every game in “Turn Timer Vacation Mode Behavior” part. There is a high chance that all games have this option.

… and if not: ask, if they would change to that option.

Turn timer isn’t for punishing people on vacation.

@Stezo187 ur warrior is hanging around my borders for a few turns. Any chance u can go back from there? nothing there to see :smiley:

@Bliss sent u open border deal

@Bliss Hey Great Inca :slight_smile:

Hey there :slight_smile:

@Stezo187 you really wanna fight until the end of this game? What is that move really? There is enough space for everyone but you come and settle in a place that literally blocks the two pins that I had!

Not that I need to explain myself, but there is someone else to the North of me, Snow and a city state to the south, and Mountains and ocean to the East.
That tile was a nice freshwater tile I could settle to the west of me.
The Japanese empire needs lots of land.

@Bliss In the east from Willka Waman is a Babarian Village, be care

shall we look for a sub for Markelix here?

@Tropical Chaos agreed to sub in this game. I made a support request for PYDT admin to sub him.

I am trying to reduce number of games I am in, so I left this game and Osprey kindly subbed in for me.

Thanks @Osprey for subbing in for me. Good luck to all of you towards space.

Hi all, glad to be here.

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im getting a Incorrect game turn in save file! (actual: 140, expected: 141) error

Try reverting the turn?
Perhaps it is because Beanz skipped his turn. Seems he has skipped a lot of them this game.

turn reverted

turn reverted again beanz again skipped turned. ran into same issue

I wonder if he is still even playing.
Feb 10th was the last time he took an actual turn. The rest have been skipped.
@Beanz are you still around!?