Primordial map + Sid Meier's mods -> Apocalypse! (62e5b3fb)

Thanks. I have a new cmos battery to fit tonight and if that doesn’t work its a new pc for me. Will take a few days to arrive.

I hope to be able to play on Saturday so might just make it or may need reverted once more.

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Sorry can we revert again. Think it might be middle of the week for the pc. Its ordered but not shipped

Sorry about this can we skip back to me again. Pc due Saturday

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thanks guys.

Sorry about this can we revert to me hopefully one last time.

Pc due early this week

can this be reverted one last time. I have my new pc and will be able to play today or tomorrow.

It’s near a full turn…

28 days on 39 games. That’s a lot of people that have been waiting for you. I hope that you will be able to play and have fun, but I don’t wanna ask more for rollback anymore.

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Yeah so sorry.

last issue is its asking for BBG 5.1.8 but i have it

any ideas?

This was posted here 2 months ago:

Install 5.3 static

This dropbox folder is going to be the placeholder for static BBG releases for cloud.
To install a particular version of BBG, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the particular .zip file from Dropbox
  2. Copy and Extract it into the Mods folder of where Civ 6 is installed on your system. On Windows, it should be somewhere like this: “…\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI\Mods”
  3. Restart Civ
  4. Go to Additional Content->Mods menu, and disable newly installed BBG to not conflict with real-time or other games (attached image).
  5. Load your game as usual, and play your turn.
    Dropbox - BBG Static Releases for Cloud - Simplify your life

Thanks had got as far as installing 5.1 and 5.2

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Unless anyone has objections, I’m going to say GG and retire from this. I’ve been waiting for the last dozen turns or so for Andrew to take my capital but for some reaosn, he doesn’t seem intent on attacking it. I’m literally just hitting end turn at this point.


We can understand.

OK. GG Andrew - that was a fun war!

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I actually cant with current tech

GG maximilian

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@petrojbl1 the first to take stirling get it or do you want us to find an agreement?

I’ll take that one. It’s taking longer due to the hero parked there and limited attack spaces. That will leave us with an even split of cities, excluding the one you razed.

I won’t take stirling, my units are here to soften the meat for you