Primordial map + Sid Meier's mods -> Apocalypse! (62e5b3fb)

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Can i have your favorite gaming hour @Nuts and @maximilian?

I’m usually available from 9am-11pm GMT

1pm-8pm GMT work days

I can sub in if needed

Shijoshun can’t play exceptionnaly until tomorrow.

Has the body of the message is too similar to the same message for the same late for another game, an automatic message forces me to write shit to be allow to post with my very bad english :smiley:

I’m playing with one city for a while now. I have no place to settle another city so i’m going to quit if you’re ok.

I’m ok with that.

FWIW, I am not a fan of quitters :person_shrugging:

You just quitted a game because you were the last one to play :rofl: That was rude of you in my opinion.
Ask @MisterT800 and @andrewsmart48 how long i’ve been as relevant as a city-state in this game.
I’m not fond of quitting but I know most of the players would have quitted a long time before I asked for.

Excuse me? Leaving before a game starts is not quitting, but hey, try again! Logic and rhetoric aren’t easy :person_shrugging:

@coolmajaka, I agree with @shinjoshun. Your reaction in the other game before the start was childish, and you can’t judge someone who has only one city left and no real opportunity or at least some kind of influence, above all when you leave just before start because you are the last one on the grid (and this was to optimize turns).

Shin, just leave.
Coolmajaka, let just move on and play this cool apocalypse map!

Wow, I didn’t realize that not playing a game was so triggering for you. My apologies!

It was just a bad reaction for… nothing.

That is behind us.

Cya to @shinjoshun and let’s make the world burn for others! :smiley:

Thank you. GG to all, specially to @MisterT800
Have fun

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Well goodness, you say it was a bad reaction but then want to move along. I don’t want to be a bad reaction person, so could you please explain to me how it was a bad reaction. As I remember, I said I didn’t want to play last, as it is a distinct disadvantage. You placed in the last spot and I left the setup. How is that a bad reaction? Support your accusation :grin:

I figure since quitting is the vibe, might as well embrace it!

This kind of réaction is childish…

That should not be à problème anyway.

Les make more pollution !

I personally take a very dim view of anyone who quits just because they have a bad start/position and worse, those who quit in some fit of pique. I have plenty of games going where my situation precludes any realistic chance of winning but I play on anyway, so as not to ruin the game for everyone else.

So when you quit, it is okay, but when I quit, it is childish?

So sayeth they Frenchman :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: