Primordial map FFA (a2ca0579)

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Welcome all! Two questions for you:
I’m tempted to just start the game now, instead of adding two slots and waiting a bit – what say you?
I’m also tempted to turn up the disaster intensity on this one – normal setting is 2 (out of 7 iirc), how does 4 sound?

disaster setting goes up to 4 i think

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An 8 slot game would be slower, so I vote to stay at 6.

Increasing the disaster intensity wouldn’t improve the game IMHO, so I vote against it.

But as host, you get to decide.

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Hi Guys, 6 is enought.

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yeah, just rechecked and disaster setting goes up to 4 max, so I’m tempted to nudge it up to 3 (to get a different play environment from a normal map, after having test-played a primordial map at the default disaster intensity)

that’s 3 votes by my count for keeping the game at 6 players, so will definitely keep it at 6 … as current comments stand, I’d start the game at disaster intensity of 3 (unless a different consensus develops here)

happy with 6 players aND 3 SETTING