Phils Bungle (81e57c71)

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Ozy needs to change civ to Lincoln.

What level of play do we want? Comes up as prince.

Once the civs are right, I will launch.

Prince is fine with me.


Game started though Civ crashed on or after save. Not sure what happened.

Hmmm. May be a little while.
Steam thinks I have already bought the Leader Pass, but the ‘Julius Caesar Leader Pack’ is showing as not enabled when I try to load.
I dimly remember this being a discussion point somewhere, but cannot find the reference in my emails.
It was chat in ‘Shuffle the conflict’…trying to follow the suggestions…

No obvious solution.
I will try a complete reinstall tonight if I get time.

Try starting a single player game and selecting Julius Caesar as your leader. See if that works.

Thanks. Julius Caesar not visible. Also error managing mods prevents the single game starting.

I think if you have DB’s gold mod and BBG and/or BBS enabled at the same time it gives the error.

I should mention that I think I used an updated DB’s Gold. In trying to get it to launch I updated and stripped out everything. BBG and BBS is used. I tried and can play Ozy’s turn. If it is a DLC issue then Steam probably needs a smack upside the head. Otherwise, I can try a different start.

It sounds like the problem is with Ozy if he can’t even load Caesar. If it’s a mod issue, it usually says which mod is the problem. Plus, Ozy only had the mod issue problem when he tried to start a game.

No doubt, we all had issues with this last package. I just wanted to warn you if it asks for another mod than you have.

Dan, play Ozy’s turn and then send me my save. I want to see if I can load the save. That way we know if it’s the file or not. Then if the file is good and the problem is with Ozy, when he gets it fixed you can revert back to you and replay your turn and send to him.

I was/am certainly assuming the problem is with me. I will try the above suggestion plus/or do a reinstall hopefully later tonight…

The good news is the save works. The bad news is Ozy has the problem. When he gets the problem fixed and we start, we need to decide when massive war starts. The game starts on turn 196. So either something easy to remember like turn 250, 275, or 300. The tech and civics will be slow until we get infrastructure up, and we start with 2 settlers, so whatever units we start with, that may be a while until we get the ball rolling.


We have two cities and several units. What should we grow to and how long. 25 turns probably builds 2-3 cities and more units. 50 4-5 maybe? I think +50 looks good but we can just go to war and deal with it.

BTW - no point in campus or theater districts. Holy sites for heroes and such.

Further apologies.
Complete reinstall made no difference.
I’ll have another look tomorrow.