Phil More Seas Again (e8731ae7)

On the solar flare front, I noticed the majority of my campus now flagged as pillaged, along with the few industrial zones - didn’t notice any units lost.

Is it expected that at rest jet fighters cannot heal? Is there any special location required ?

We reached level 7 on the disaster scale. Of course we don’t notice the sea level rising because of the map, but it’s rising. When I loaded the save my screen was red, I thought my monitor was broken. But it’s not my monitor, it’s level 7 on the disaster scale. My eyes are hurting now. Wonder what happens when we reach level 8…?

I hope it fried the brains of your GDRs!

“A comet plummeted from the sky and destroyed 4 tiles in its path.”

What was once 4 mountain tiles is now water. Uh-oh, this doesn’t look good.

Sorry Dan, Vietnam did not build a civilization to stand the test of time. GG.

I have an idea for the next Phil the Seas series. Make the map smaller (there is still so much unclaimed land), increase tech and civic cost because we still progressed way too fast on these settings, and remove that disaster scale.

I’m still on vacation but will return home next weekend to start it up. I will send out an e-mail later so we can discuss settings.

Sorry Ozy, Rome didn’t make it one more turn. Thanks for sticking it to the end guys. I think Māori is just so strong on these settings. I didn’t have to build too many settlers because my unimproved woods and rainforest were so strong. Build a preserve in each city and the cultural and science just came pouring in. I had cities pumping out 200-300 production, over 100 science, over 230 cultural. See you in the next one.

Processing: Kupe cultural.png…
Processing: Kupe science.png…

I was puzzled previous turn why my capital had gone but still in (unless Rome is not the capital)
This was my first experience of territory fires and post-fire increase in production.
Fun, fun.