Phil More Seas Again (e8731ae7)

Ouch, that is harsh. Guess you will have to build northwest? At least those will be some sweet tiles when the fires stop. I’m also impressed with you having 9 cities, I only have 6 and I have my capital dedicated to building settlers.

Ho ho ho.
(Thank you anyway for the sympathy, and I now see what you mean about the increased yields.)
W & NW is impassable mountain range, and there is no N.
At the time the fire started in the SE city, five of the above had not yet been founded.

Yea, that sucks but you should be good in the long run. I have some on my border and a nearby civ. Not much on my current lands except I am sending a settler toward one. I hope it clears up soon.

Funny, I have a random non delete able pin. :man_shrugging:

That is very odd. All my pins auto-delete.

But what you may have is somebody else put a pin there?

No, I delete it every turn. Comes back every turn. I thought you had something similar before. Minor annoyance is all.

This is turn 150, everybody declare war on all major civs.

Funny how each game is different. I have 35 cities on turn 150 but last game I had 19 cities on turn 150. I have already been at war with everybody for over 50 turns. Kupe can pump out some settlers fast with his production.

I thought it was 120. I had 20 cities at the same time regardless.

The fires still suck. I lost a GP to one.

From the game description:

You must declare war on every civilization you know on turn 150 or when you have 20 cities, whichever comes first.

:laughing: yea my memory and reading comprehension are as good as ever. But I hit 20 at 120 so it worked out. You were already there so just trying to keep up.

We got a solar flare this turn. States advanced tech screeches to a halt as cosmic radiation wreaks havoc. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a solar flare in this game before. Wonder what causes it?


That should hit everyone unless not far enough along

I am assuming my legions can just hold up their scutum/a and reflect it away ?
Like the Rome discos, vidi, vici, veni, vd

Units lost and mass destruction. What was the disaster setting?

Disaster setting was on default, which I think is level 2. I didn’t touch it.

Yea, well let’s not try 4.

I think next game we bump it down a notch. All these fires are crazy.

Umm, now that I went back and re-read the game settings…