Phil More Seas Again (e8731ae7)

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The game has started. Only took 4 tries to get us a playable position. The first 3 times one of us ended up surrounded by 100% mountains and couldn’t move. All the starts look good, don’t know what is beyond the fog of war.

Let it be known that on this day, a day which will never happen again, I met another civilization within 10 turns of a new game and it wasn’t Dan. So it is written, so it is done.

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Maybe we should buy lottery tickets.

Perhaps slightly ominous.
I was offered aluminium in a trade by a civ.

I was offered uranium in a trade as well, but it was only 2 uranium. They probably popped a hut or something, they definitely don’t have the tech for it.

I just noticed two more things. First is I can’t see how many strategic resources I have at the top of my screen. Even though I haven’t started gathering strategic resources yet, I did trade for 2 uranium so I figured I should see that. But maybe not, who knows. Maybe the setting in DB’s gold mod I clicked so we couldn’t see the other people’s stats?

The other thing I noticed is I have no early strategic resources around my cities. No horses, iron, or niter. If I don’t tech quickly I will be hurting. But I think I have most coal, aluminum, oil, and uranium on the map.

You know, that is odd. I do see some horses, not close but not far. No iron or niter. Lots of uranium, coal and oil.

Funny, I mined coal. I am getting 3 per turn with no accumulation. I just mined some uranium and got a boost for venture politics. Nice.

You aren’t mining coal because you haven’t researched the tech for it yet. But maybe when we do get the techs then the strategic resource accumulation counter at the top of the screen will start.

yea, i know but it says i am just not showing any. Odd but correct.

I should have said aren’t accumulating the resources until you have the tech. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t show the 2x uranium I traded for.

I thought it would be an extra layer of fun seeing all the resources right away, make planning more challenging. But so far not sure how I feel about it. It takes away a little of the mystery of discovery.

I like the concept. The execution - we will see.

Loving these repeating wildfires. They are so keen, no need for the forests to grow again before they re-ignite…

At least when they do regrow their output will be enormous!

I did not know that was a thing.
Given over half my cities are ablaze, that is an outcome devoutly to be wished.
As long as the fires cease restarting at some point…

Just had a settler burnt to death, without the game spotting it.

didn’t know it could

I didn’t know that could happen either. Thanks for letting us know!

I have only just realised: as the tiles surrounding cities burn, internal population is reduced also.
The message X fires started, Zero units affected appears to be misleading.